Rose McGowan And Robert Rodriguez Break Up reported yesterday that Rose McGowan and director Robert Rodriguez have broken up after two years of engagement.

Conveniently timed after wrapping up Rodriguez’s most current film Machete, in which McGowan stars with acting heavies Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, and Lindsay Lohan, the two met on the set of another of Rodriguez’s movies, Grindhouse (Planet Terror segment).

This caused a nifty little scandal at the time, as it was speculated that Rodriguez left his wife of 16 years, Elizabeth Avellán, for McGowan.  Rodriguez stated that they had separated long before.

In my humble opinion, jumping from a long marriage right to another engagement doesn’t seem terribly smart.  But then again, Rose likes to call bullshit on meter maids and making inappropriate remarks about the IRA and Robbie gave all 5 of his kids stupid names that start with ‘R.’  I guess smart isn’t an option.

The not-too-broken-up-looking pair are seen here at this summer’s San Diego Comic Con (shout-out to all my comic-lovin’ homeneeerdz!).

Gallery info: Rose McGowan and Robert Rodriguez make an appearance at San Diego Comic Con