Husband-Thief Rose McGowan On Why She Took Up Acting

Hey, we just call em’ as we see em’ over here at ASL. Director Robert Rodriguez suddenly had a new companion post-“Grindhouse” and it isn’t the mother of his children. Rose McGowan is set to remake “Barbarella” with Rodriguez. Never let it be said that she’s not strategic. The girl went from failing movie career to a semi-hit show with “Charmed” and is now getting starring roles? You can’t knock her hustle. But why “Barberella”? I know everyone goes on and on about how kitschy it is. But have you ever actually tried to watch it? Jane Fonda and her then-husband Roger Vadim were obviously smoking large amounts of hash bricks. The film’s only really useful when being played as background color at gay theme parties or clubs. Otherwise, enough. Anyway, back to Rose. She says that she got into acting as a way to keep her apartment. She says “I lost my lease on my apartment and I was going to have to go back to live with my dad. So I was in Los Angeles, staying with a friend who knew this lady who was a producer, and she offered me a part in a movie.” That movie was Gregg Araki’s “Doom Generation”, and from there it was on to play Tatum in “Scream” (her best role) and then onto whatever that botched plastic surgery was. Damn. Look, I know she claims she was in a car accident but replace “car windshield” with “scalpel”.

Photos: WENN

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