Rosario Dawson Has Imperfections

March 24th, 2006 // 28 Comments

Let’s start with the hair. I’m not grooving on it.

The sexy actress doesn’t think she’s got a great figure – despite being one of Hollywood’s most beautiful celebrities – because she isn’t symmetrical. She revealed: ‘I’m a little lopsided, which is totally fine.’

The ‘Sin City’ star is also paranoid she doesn’t have enough womanly curves. She told Esquire magazine: ‘I have no hips. I’m the hipless wonder.’

Rosario Dawson is ‘lopsided’ [Monsters and Critics]

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kari

    Wow, her face is really ugly. I don’t see what’s so wrong with her body, it’s her face she should be concerned about.

  2. Rosie

    No hips? I think they call that “thick-waisted.”

  3. tocutetoscoot

    First off, there is nothing wrong with her face. She a really pretty woman. Secondly, her man is FINE so she must be doing something right! All of the women who posts on this side should be giving her kudos considering the fact that pretty much everyone in Hollywood or involved in it thinks that they are actually better looking than they really are. At least she is honest.

  4. Small Fry

    I like her. I think she’s hot to boot. Absolutely nothing wrong with that body. Better than 98% of the population.

  5. Miss Thing

    She wants hips? She can have mine!
    I think she’s adorable.

  6. CanadaRules

    Rosario is cool. She keeps away from the plastic surgery (I think).

  7. Lulu&Lucy

    I think she a lovely girl, and I agree with ‘Rosie’ she needs to concentrate more on her waist rather that her hips.
    Who cares anyway, she’s landed that divine boyfriend! If she would only show some self-respect and move herself and her family out from that squatter’s building in the East Village. I’m sure she could afford it by now, and there’s got to be a better deserving individual(s) that need the place more than she does.

  8. Jen

    I actually agree with her. Pretty face, beautiful boyfriend, ugly body.

  9. lol

    celebrities can be fucking dumb.. “ooo my hip.. i don’t have enaff hips…” shut the fuck up bitch.. your face is uglier than a rhino’s ass and your talking about your waist lolll seriously.. fucking dumb bitch!!!

  10. symelanguage

    Wow, there are some very angry people who read this site.




  12. C

    Her face is ugly? You guys must be used to looking at the most beautiful girls 24/7. This girl is very sexy, and she may be no Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johanssen, but she is very hot, and what I wouldn’t do to have her naked..

  13. Jolie

    I think she looks odd on these pics…but she’s cool.

  14. ladybug

    Are you all serious? I think she is butt ugly. Not even pretty. The manly features and huge mouth (and scary teeth) are very unattractive. Her body seems o.k though.

  15. medeastrawberry345

    She is so beautiful! How can she have any imperfection? Lopsided? She is a hottie!

  16. Bernard Jones

    I want to see the photos of some of the people saying Rosario is “ugly” and compare them to her.

  17. Steph

    I’ve never thought she was pretty. Not really fug, but not so pretty for a Hollywood starlet.

    I’ve had my share of admirers, and that’s w/out the Hollywood makeup and style team. But it’s not like I couldn’t register other pple’s un-attractiveness even if I were fug.

  18. ray

    seriously, I think she is gorgeous. I would take her over Angelina and Scarlett any day. There is something about her that just says down to earth and she is soooo fly. beautiful.

  19. my2cents

    She has a certain allure about her…I think it’s pretty cool that she is totally OK with what she has.

  20. medeastrawberry345

    SHe was so hot in RENT! SHe has pretty lips! She reminds me of Alicia Keys!

  21. ChiGuy

    I have always been in love with Rosario Dawson ever since Larry Clarke’s “Kids”. She is gorgeous and she looks so different from all the other Hollywood starlets at the moment. Im actually surprised to see that there are people that think she is unattractive. I thought everyone loved her looks. The only reason I can think of that people would find her unattractive is because she doesnt have blond hair and white skin. Ow

  22. KittyLiterati

    Rosario’s cute. She may not have hips, but who needs those when you have Jason Lewis?

  23. tocutetoscoot

    Okay,Steph. Puleez

  24. lol

    i stand by my earlier comment.. she is uglier than a rhino’s ass. at least in that pic she looks ugly!! haven’t seen her work too much but i can tell that bitch is ugly!!

  25. LMAO

    #24: What do you look like and are you on pictures of every magazine and in movies? no. Then shut the fuck up.

    The girl is pretty. Period. So many haters in life.

  26. Me So Horny

    Is it me or does she look a LOT like Angelina Jolie? I’d fuck both of the same time. Hell yeah.

  27. Cocopuff

    You know, she’s a pretty girl, but I hate these pictures of her. I think they are really bad and don’t show how attractive she really is.

  28. brandy

    I always thought she was a unique, cute woman with great tits, but in Sin City she looked sensational! Just as hot as Jessica Alba but underrated. She is definately a chameleon. She can pull off a casual appearence and hot sexy image equally well.

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