Rosario Dawson And Danny Boyle’s Breakup Causes Some Tension While Promoting ‘Trance’ [PHOTOS]

We all dread the day we run into our former significant other, post breakup. It’s inevitable, we know it’s going to happen eventually. Now imagine you’re at a high profile event and you’re Rosario Dawson and your ex flame/director boyfriend  Danny Boyle  is giving you the cold shoulder in front of everyone at a press junket. Can you say awkward?

The actress and director began dating after the filming of their upcoming film Trance. Dawson and Boyle attended the movies premiere in Los Angeles Saturday evening. Confirming the breakup speculations, Dawson and Boyle, 56, ignored each during the recent press panel. 

Keeping their relationship under wraps,  The Slumdog Millionaire director often shunned questions asked about their fling. During a March 2nd interview with Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine. Boyle quickly slurred “I don’t want to talk about any of that to be honest,” he said. Dawson unlike Boyle, gushed that she was the one who made the first move. “It was just one of those things where we were going to just go our separate ways had someone not said something,” Dawson admitted to Access Hollywood in late fall 2012.

The oddly paired couple was rumored to have dated since May-December. An onlooker told Us magazine. “He (Boyle) was talking to a group of people when she arrived and it was awkward — like a cold greeting, no hug, and they got through it as quickly as possible.” Ouch! That sounds like a pretty harsh break-up! Who do you think hit the off switch in this relationship?

Trance, out in UK cinemas on March 27. Stars James McAvoy, in the the story of an art auctioneer who becomes involved with a hypnotherapist and a gang of criminals in order to find a lost painting.

Checkout the gallery above of the actress looking fabalous post breakup! Danny who?