Rooney Mara’s Transformation Into Lisbeth Salander

January 12th, 2011 // Leave a Comment

Rooney Mara gave us the first look at what her incarnation of Lisbeth Salander will look like in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake. Director David Fincher talked to W about how he chose the little-known actress for the famous role.

“Rooney may be a trust-fund baby from football royalty, but she’s levelheaded and hardworking,” Fincher said. “It’s so odd how who people are comes out in auditions. We didn’t make it easy for Rooney, and there was no way to dissuade her.”

And the competition was anything but tame. Everyone from Natalie Portman to Scarlett Johansson tried out for the role. But ultimately, Fincher felt Mara had the most guts, especially when it came to some tough scenes.

“It was hard…We had five or six girls audition with the rape scene. The girls had to kick a dildo up his ass. That’s Salander’s big scene, and we had to see if they could do it,” he said.

From the looks of this photoshoot, this girl can get all kinds of bad-ass. Can’t wait to see her in action.

By Lola Robertson

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