Rooney Mara Discusses Her Transformation Into Her Character Lisbeth Salander

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Rooney Mara had an excellent interview with Ann Curry on The Today Show on December 19th.  Rooney discussed the new movie, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, where she plays Lisbeth Salander, the 24-year-old computer hacker that teams up with Daniel Craig’s character in the long awaited movie adaptation from  Stieg Larsson’s best selling book series.

Curry praised Mara for her work as Salander in the film and asked how she felt being recently nominated for a Golden Globe.  Mara commented, “I was kind of half asleep.  We’d had three premieres in three countries, in three nights, so I was kind of half asleep.”  Her and co-star, Craig, flew from Stockholm to London to New York for the three premieres.  In the movie, Mara has several piercings to match the description of Lisbeth Salander, and surprisingly, the piercings weren’t fake!  Mara said she had her ears pierced many times, along with her nose, lip and nipple piercing!

Mara is signed on for years with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie series, it is unknown if she is using flesh colored plugs to hide some of the piercings or if she will have to get re-pierced every time she does a new movie.  She has two more movies with the series.  Mara was her calm, cool and articulate self during the interview but, Ann Curry was able to get under her cool facade and get the gorgeous actress to crack a smile during the interview.  Watch the entire interview of Rooney Mara from The Today Show after the jump.

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