Ronaldo Will Play!

Cristiano Ronaldo has been out of commission after sustaining an ankle injury during a World Cup qualifying game against Hungary on October 10th. Luckily for his team and fellow statesmen Portugal’s head coach Carlos Queiroz is confident Ronaldo will be back on the field for next month’s play-off game against Bosnia-Herzegovina. Coach Queiroz is certain Portugal will attend the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa next July.

Ummm…How do I say this delicately?…BORING! I am mildly interested in soccer only for the hot sweaty bodies and a strange fantasy I have of running off to London to find a hooligan with a thick accent. Ronaldo falls into the hot body category. Running up and down a field kicking soccer balls does a body good and Ronaldo is no exception. However, even his toned abs can’t make me care about an ankle injury- call me when he takes his shirt off.

Gallery Info: Cristiano Ronaldo arrives to Auditorium Hotel in Madrid to participate in Cadena Ser party.