Ron Artest’s Daughter Inspired Him To Do ‘DWTS’ For A Good Cause

Ron Artest initially had no interest in doing Dancing With The Stars. “At first it was not appealing,” Artest told People at the live cast announcement Monday night in LA. “I did not want to do it. I don’t dance and all of the dressing up and everything, but my daughter Diamond was like, Daddy, you should do it.”

Artest’s daughter, now 8, beat cancer when she was 4 and insisted he stay in LA to seize this opportunity.  “I had a chance to play basketball overseas and I had a chance to do Dancing with the Stars,” Artest, who is paired with Petra Murgatroyd, explained. “She asked me to do it, and I thought I could dance and raise some money for cancer research. I’m going to donate the profits.”

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It’ll be a balancing act for the Lakers player, who is awaiting updates on the current NBA lockout.  Usually practice commences at the end of September, with the season beginning at the end of October/beginning of November.  If the lockout ends, what will Artest do?  “I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”