Romeo Beckham & Valentina Pinault: Celebrity Kid Couples We’d Love To See

Best Dressed Beckham!
Romeo was named one of Britain's best dressed kids.
I want you guys to think classy. Are you doing that? Good! Because we’re here to talk about classy with Romeo Beckham and Valentina Pinault.

I can’t believe I didn’t think of pairing these two kids up sooner. They’re perfect! First of all, they’re both very pretty children. Second of all, they both have the best of everything.

Just take Romeo! He’s a model for Burberry kids. Come on. That’s pretty incredible. And you just know that Valetina would be a fabulous little model if her mommy Salma Hayek would let it happen.  

Also, think of how perfectly their families would mesh. Salma might be from Mexico, but she might as well be European now that she’s married to French billionaire, François-Henri Pinault. And Romeo comes from European royalty as the middle son of Victoria and David Beckham. Everything about this match up makes me happy.

But really, it makes me happy because they’re going to be the classiest. Basically these two will be like the polar opposition of if Maxwell Johnson & Jayden James Federline got together. Check out all the photos of Valentina and Romeo in the gallery and tell us if you think they’d be perfect together in the comments!