Roman Polanski Victim Wants Case Dropped

October 27th, 2009 // 5 Comments

32 years after Roman Polanski sexually assaulted 13-year-old Samantha Gelmer, she just wants it all to be over and done with. She is pleading with the California justice system to drop the 32-year-old case against Polanski–this time for the sake of her physical and mental health.

All the media attention, first when Polanski petitioned to have the case dropped last year and again since his arrest in Switzerland last month, “has caused her to have health-related issues,” attorney Lawrence Silver stated in documents filed with the state’s Second District Court of Appeal.

“The pursuit has caused her performance at her job to be interfered with and has caused the understandable displeasure of her employer and the real possibility that Samantha could lose her job,” Silver added.

Can you seriously blame the woman? Geimer said, “I can tell you that I have reporters parked outside my home, harassing my family and neighbors, and it is extremely unpleasant.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Yioughta

    Unfortunately, this is no longer about the victim. It’s about the crime Polanski did against the state and rape falls under that category. If this were a civil suit, then the victim and Polanski would’ve settled this a long time ago. However, he committed a felonious sexual assault and it’s not as easy as the victim or the state at this point to just drop the charges. There is no statute of limitations once someone has been charged with a crime. At the time, he pled guilty and was awaiting his sentencing. Instead Polanski fled the country because he believed the judge would send him to prison and have him deported when all parties involved figured he would receive probation after some time served (he spent 42 days in prison and was given psychiatric tests). He should man up, get his ass extradited back to the states where he can receive his due punishment. The original judge in the case is now dead, and there was an ethical issue during that time that came up which made Polanski think this judge would unfairly and unjustly send him to prison. The new judge handling the case said he reviewed the original case and the questionable ethical issue and said he would take all of it into consideration, but not until Polanski himself showed up in his courtroom. All of this would be over for the victim and Polanski himself if he just show up!

  2. madame-c

    Her mother brought her to his house not once but twice. He had a reputation. Why would you leave your young daughter in such a situation. I don’t care anymore, i don’t think anyone does. And was she really raped or was that what her “doting mother” claimed…the whole story sounds shady and stinks of BS. Ironically, its the victim who can’t handle all the attention now. You’d think if you had been raped as a youngster you’d want vindication. Just seems like a long ago scenario used to bilk Polansky out of lots of money gone wrong…. just saying.

  3. joed

    she wouldn’t have these problems today if she didn’t come out of the closet a few years ago saying “hey, i was his victim”. she would still be anonymous.

  4. joed

    she wouldn’t have these problems today if she didn’t come out of the closet a few years ago saying “hey, i was his victim”. she would still be anonymous.

  5. Beckster

    I think the victim should blame the media for making it the circus that it’s become, not the DA for finally prosecuting it.

    And the asshole should’ve stayed in this country and finalized his case, including a motion of a retrial if he feels so wronged. That’s what people do.

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