Rodeo Walk Of Style Attracts Hollywood Stars & Royalty

It was a glamorous affair at the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style with stars like Demi Moore, Gabrielle Union and Debra Messing dripping in Cartier diamonds on the red carpet for the big event.

Those ladies donned some classically glamorous gowns while Angie Harmon, Camilla Belle and Jenna Elfman opted for more adventurous styles.

In fact, there was even royalty at the event, with Prince Albert II of Monaco on hand to accept the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award for his late mother, Grace Kelly. Debra Messing tells Entertainment Tonight, “You can’t think of fashion as we know it without thinking of Princess Grace. She is glamor. She is Hollywood. She’s modern, elegant, sophisticated, and graceful, no pun intended.” Aww, and intentional puns are my favorite.

Gallery Info: Demi Moore, Angie Harmon, Camilla Belle, Debra Messing, Gabrielle Union, Jenna Elfman, Lisa Edelstein and Prince Albert II of Monaco at the Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style Award Ceremony.