Rod Stewart’s Kid Plays The Blame Game

June 14th, 2007 // 6 Comments


Yesterday, Sean Stewart was arrested in Hollywood on assault and battery charges for attacking a couple with a brick at a party a few months ago. Sean’s spokespiece has released a statement, claiming that the people he was wielding bricks on are looking for some celebrity son funding.

Our investigation has shown that the alleged victim only named Sean Stewart as a suspect after hearing that Mr. Stewart was at the party that night and that the alleged victim had a financial motive to make these allegations against Mr. Stewart.

Our investigation has also revealed that any crimes which may have been committed that night, were in fact committed by the person who claims to be the victim.

Celebrities are actually put in prison for committing crimes now, so these hoes are scrambling. And have you seen this guy? How did Rod Stewart have such cheesy children? Was it the leopard spandex pants he was rocking during the “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”-era? Did they infect him somehow?

By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    What a complete sociopath!

  2. Chaz

    This idiot has a spokesman? Aside of having to comment on his client’s various arrests, what would he ever have to speak about?

  3. Jinxy McDeath

    It takes a special man to produce such inferior sperm. Frankly, Rod should be studied by science, these horrors are not accidents. These are truly defective people, let’s hope they are sterile and the mutation goes to the grave with them. I dare not type their names *shudder*

  4. SanJoMike

    Why does Rod Stewart’s kid look like Beau Bridges (at 60)?


    fuck you, sean’s the man!


    fuck you, seans the man!

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