Rod Stewart Gets Hitched

June 18th, 2007 // 7 Comments

British singer, Rod Stewart, got married over the weekend to his long-time love, Penny Lancaster. The event took place on the Italian Riviera in a medieval abbey and is the third marriage for Stewart. After the ceremony, Rod and Penny met up with their 19-month-old son, Alastair, and guests, at a local restaurant to celebrate.

“The couple exchanged vows in the presence of 100 family and friends,” the rep said. “Dinner, dancing, and fireworks lasted until the early hours.” The guests included Stewart’s daughter Kimberley.

It is my hope that the ceremony consisted of an officiant solemnly asking Penny Lancaster, “Penny, do YOU think Rod is sexy?” And Penny replying, with happy tears in her eyes, “I do.”

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Kat

    She is certainly no Rachel Hunter, but they look happy. Her dress is gorgeous, but seems a little casual for a wedding. Wish I had those legs……

  2. Mr. T

    I guess after Hugh Heffner, Rod Stewart takes the number 2 position of the old fool who doesn’t know better. His wife will get pregnant, give birth and divorce him (my predication).

  3. LoRider

    She’s already had the baby, so marrying him for money would be pointless. It must be the bulge in his pants that gets the ladies. I’m referring, of course, to his wallet. Ride Lo

  4. green cardigan

    You’ve got to love Rod. He’s a one type of woman man. Leggy blonde does it for him every time. And he hasn’t wavered from that since year dot.

    Best of luck Penny and Rod

  5. AlliBaba

    She would be the ONLY one to think he is sexy. Blech! That song- and the fact that he sings it- makes me feel violated.

  6. FreakyZ


  7. Halo

    Agree, she sure is no Rachel Hunter. Good Luck to you Rod, you’re going to need it.

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