Rocky VI

January 26th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Rocky has a blog too, and it’s as sad as this latest movie looks.

(Images via Sony Pictures)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lisa

    Stallone is not bad looking for someone his age (55+)

  2. hydepark4

    If your look at his collarbone area there seems to be a line as if a fake chest has been glued on. It doesn’t look real.

  3. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    it looks like his plastic torso is melting under the lights! thats not a good look for anyone let alone a 55 year old-poor deluded man

  4. doofus

    yes, a la “Wrath of Khan”, looks like Stallone pulled a Ricardo Montalban and used a fake chest.

    but Stallone’s looks molded out of clay, and yes, like it’s melting under the lights.

    kinda weird looking.

  5. The Mav

    He’s 60 and should have ended Rocky after he pounded that Russian dude to obivion.

  6. JaJa

    Well… let me see any of you guys at 60…

  7. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    JaJa: i hope to god i dont look like that at 60 or at any age

  8. Trina

    I was a crew member during the Vegas shoot, and trust me when I say that is not a fake, glued-on chest. I saw him up close for 3 days and it’s all him. He was really buff and doing pushups and drinking protein shakes. He was the real deal. Lay off Sly!

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