Rocky Balboa Needed Help From Jesus To Win This One?

December 20th, 2006 // 9 Comments

Defamer reports that Sly Stallone took to the 700 Club to pimp his movie. Jesus, if you’re gonna aim low, go for the cover of Family Circle or something.

Just wanted to alert you to the fact that Stallone just appeared on The 700 Club to discuss the Christian allegorical element in Rocky. He claimed at one point that not for a moment does he think he wrote the script alone — that’s right, Rocky as prophetic text. I half expected him to crack up when he bade a pious farewell to Pat.

There’s a brief summary of the Stallone segment on The 700 Club website, which we’ve excerpted after the jump:

Stallone says the more he goes to church, and the more he turns himself over to the process of believing in Jesus and listening to his Word and helping him guide his hand, he feels as though the pressure is off himself.

I’ve seen the ads for this mess, and I’m seriously concerned that Jesus won’t prevent that Botox from exploding everywhere.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Ldysunfyre

    Look how swollen his fucking hands are. Jeez.

  2. rootabega

    that is one ugly man.

  3. M

    Looks like he and Jennifer share the same love of Botox. Awww. I hope the paint-blood PETA throws on her for wearing that coat melts her face right off.

  4. Adolf Hitler

    Stallone is a prophet, and he will save souls, you motherfuckers better recognize…..

  5. Tine

    Ha! That dude he’s with in the top photo looks like his has a bizaaro tuft of hair on his. And Sly just looks like shit.

  6. He looks as if they did not use a stunt double when filming the fight scenes.

  7. mooks

    Sly looks supertight!

  8. msMSRY

    Too much makeup, dude. Doing horoscopes now?

  9. msMSRY

    Too much makeup, dude. Doing horoscopes now?

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