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Reality television star Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle, who you may remember from Rock of Love, Charm School and I Love Money won our hearts when we chatted with her last year about her life after VH1. We managed to catch up with this busy, always-on-the-go lady and check in to see how she’s spending her summer vacation. From her involvement in a number of incredibly worthwhile charities to her dedication to making a healthier life for people through fitness and nutrition, this multitasking lady truly rocks!

Socialite Life: So, how have you  been spending your summer vacation?
Cindy “Rodeo” Steedle: Well, I’ve been spending a lot of it with my son. We’ve been spending a lot of time at a horse farm because we moved to a new location. The house where I was at was haunted so I had to move. I’ve spent some time with him and I love hanging with the horses. They relax you when you’re stressed and just being with those horses, the connection with them gives you peace and it relaxes you. If it wasn’t for my horse and my son, I don’t know what I’d do. My horse keeps me so relaxed and balanced and when I’m having a bad day, I go and brush her. I continue to support Save the Horses, in fact, I’m still a spokesperson for them and I’m putting together a 10K run towards the end of September to benefit abused and neglected horses in Georgia.

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SL: I’ve heard you’ve now got your own fitness show. How did that come about?
Rodeo: Wesley Morris with Demand Media came from out of the blue and found me here in Atlanta and filmed my show. I thought it was a joke at first, because everyone’s always been like “Okay, Cindy, we want to do this with you, we want to do that with you and then none of it turns out to be legit. (Wesley) interviewed me and within 2 days he signed me film my own fitness show which is currently streaming on eHow.com. We have filmed 27
fitness videos and thanks to their popularity, another producer found me and signed me for an even bigger project. I will be filming more videos for Demand’s largest health and fitness site, Livestrong.com. We’re starting to film soon and I’ll be able to use these videos to promote my new fitness site and company Hardbody360.com where I have all of my fitness guides and workout tips, in addition to nutritional tips and motivational tips. I’m very excited about this new venture!

SL: I know you’re still very involved in charities. What have you been up to as far as that goes?
Rodeo: I continue to speak out against bullying as I continue to promote my site ImagineNoBullyingNow.com. I just got booked again in West Virginia with Unlocking Their Future to speak out against bullying adults and children who suffer from Autism. I’ll be judging a talent show there in Fredricksburg, West Virginia on September 29th with Senator Bryce Reeves, who is on my team to promote Imagine No Bullying across America. Front Row TV is going to interview me again while I’m up there as well.

We are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon to raise money for my Imagine No Bullying rain shoes. We want to have our shoes on kids’ feet by at least the rain season of 2014. I painted the design and partnered with Beehive Fashions to manufacture the rain shoes and sneakers for kids and adults. I also do interior design for Pottery Barn here in Atlanta to raise funds for Imagine No Bullying.

SL: How is GlamLife.tv going?
Rodeo: It’s going really well. My partner Jeff Beal and I are planning an event called Taste of Speed for May of 2014 to benefit CURE Childhood Cancer,an Atlanta-based non-profit cancer research foundation. The event will feature luxury cars, private jets and custom-built motorcycles. It’s going to be a red carpet premiere night. There’s going to be a fashion show – right now, we’re scouting for fashion for the event. We’re handing a portion of the money raised to CURE.

SL: In addition to all of this, you also have some personal training clients of your own here in Atlanta, don’t you?
Rodeo: Yes, I do! One girl I started with in June, her name is Carrie, has already dropped 3 sizes. She was a size 12 and now she’s a size 8. The other girl I’m working with is a more full-figured girl and she’s already dropping some weight and she’s feeling a lot better. She’s the one I interviewed on my website. And there’s another lady that’s 65 years old – I’ve changed her life because she has a problem with walking and I’ve gotten her calves strong enough to where she can actually walk. My training can be adjusted for anyone – kids, teenagers, adults or senior citizens – it doesn’t matter, and that’s what I cover on my shows. I want to continue to motivate people because that’s where it starts. It means a lot to me.

Thanks for taking some time out of your crazy, busy summer to chat with us, Rodeo! Check out Rodeo’s videos on eHow.com, follow Rodeo on Twitter and Facebook and visit her websites, Hardbody360.com and CindyRodeo.com!