Robin Thicke Crashes Into Parked Volkswagen, Gets Ride Home From The Cops!

#LAproblems: People can’t drive for **** in this town! I’m looking at you, Lohan.

Thankfully nobody was hurt when Duets coach Robin Thicke was leaving the Chateau Marmont on Wednesday morning and crashed into a parked Volkswagen! Jigga what?!

Apparently as Robin was leaving the hotel parking lot, some crazy hit the back end of his Porsche, spinning him into the parked VW. TMZ is reporting that although Robin has had legal trouble in the past, there were no traces of drugs or alcohol that were reported.

Why is Robin driving himself anyway? Isn’t that what assistants are for? Insert…LAPD. They had to give Robin a ride home after the accident. God Bless America.