Robin Thicke Blows Off His Fans For Some More Family Time, Goes Shirtless On The Beach

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It’s amazing someone so seemingly sleazy can be such a good dad.

Now that Robin Thicke has managed to thoroughly destroy his marriage, he is taking things a little slower and trying to focus on family.

According to TMZ, 37-year-old Thicke has cancelled shows a few times under the guise of an illness, but thanks to the paparazzi we can always pinpoint what he is actually doing while he blows off his devoted fan base.

Seen here on August 1st,  Thicke seems to be coping quite well after his separation with actress Paula Patton. The singer got some father-son time with Julian (not pictured) over the weekend, where they went camping at Lake Perris, California. Upon arrival, Robin attempted to set up camp but had some trouble with the tent.  He wore some navy blue swim trunks, a long necklace, and some sunglasses while showing off his naked chest.

The last time Robin called in sick to work was when he cancelled two shows in February, but was seen at Universal Studios in Orlando with his son. This time Indiana got sacked from Robin’s to-do list. While the fans were probably bummed I’m sure Thicke’s son Julian was pleased as punch to spend some time with his dad.

Let’s address the never to be forgotten elephant in the room: Robin created the most rapey sounding songs you can imagine and it’s probably pretty hypocritical to judge him for ‘Blurred Lines’ because dammit if we all haven’t found ourselves dancing to it at least once before we actually listened to those horrible lyrics.