Roberto Cavalli And The String Theory – Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011

Roberto Cavalli Womenswear Spring/Summer 2011 at Milan Fashion Week was quite peculiar… but in a good way…..  kind of…..?  …not…?  The garments were very deconstructed and almost all of the looks displayed an excessive amount of fringe, better described as leather (or suede) strings.  In all honesty, the collection continuously brought to mind the costumes from Waterworld, starring Kevin Costner. 

The collection stayed with basically neutral colors:  black, beige, shades of gray, with some touches of powder blue and light peach.  Although there were multiple, multiple layers of complexity to each design, the clothing was quite revealing and intimidatingly sexy.  Midriff tops, low hiphugger pants, barely there macrame cover-ups, and sheer python print dresses graced the runway on models donning long, straight sleek hair and smokey eyes.  Each garment seemed to have miles of lace-ups, macrame, and leather strings which emphasized its fierce yet feminine aesthetic.  I congratulate the Roberto Cavalli backstage dressers for changing these models in and out of these complicated outfits so quickly and efficiently.

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Beyond the lace up leather string pants, lace up string jackets and shirts, the leather string purses, and the leather string tassels swinging up and down skirts and dresses… the majority of the designs included a long necklace made out of, yes leather strings, either as a braid or a yoke necklace with the strings falling straight down past the waist. Through all of my cynicism about the “leather strings” coming from everywhere and then some, I actually did like the overall vibe of the collection. I found it powerful, unique, and seductive. Although I wouldn’t necessarily traipse around the city in one of these full designs, I find particular pieces quite alluring.

I think Taylor Momsen would love this collection. She certainly has developed quite the “rocker” style, and introducing her to the Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2011 collection certainly wouldn’t be asking her to sacrifice her individuality or her need to stand out. I can also picture Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in some of these designs, but most definitely the less revealing pieces. Lastly, I would actually love to see Mila Kunis in a dress from this show. She already has an exotic look that would suit the unique nature of the collection, and put her in a light that no one has seen before. If all else fails, I’ll hit up Kevin Costner for a Waterworld reunion.