Robert Pattinson Supposedly Confirms That He’s Dating Kristen Stewart

February 23rd, 2010 // 5 Comments

We told you that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson left the BAFTA after party together now here’s the photographic evidence! But did Pattinson admit they left as a couple?

The Sun is reporting that Pattinson finally answered the Kristen Stewart question at the BAFTA dinner. The paper reports that the pair arrived separately and sat apart at the ceremony but were all over each other once out of the public eye. I could buy that. Then Robert apparently confessed, “It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes.”Because they would go through all that trouble and separation and then tell a reporter that they are dating?

The paper insists the Twilight star explained, “We can’t arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it’s impossible.” They are likely dating, but it seems unlikely that he made a confession.  If they are together they should just be out with it because Kristen could have had her man on one arm and her award in the other that night.

Here are some pictures of Kirsten alone (sniff) at the Elle Style Awards. 

By Madison Ventura

  1. RobstenFOREVER!!

    in my dreams!

  2. Kim

    Oh there’s no doubt they are indeed a couple, but I doubt Rob or Kristen would talk to a Rag Tabloid like the Sun.

  3. Annabel

    From what I read, he didn’t actually admit it. The Suns just making a big deal out of nothing..

  4. Stephanie G

    HEEY! BTW U Dumb Assed People They Can Be Friends Cant they Why cant a Guy and A Girl Be Friends! Srsly! Tabloids And Paps Get A Life Please its So Anoyying That People cant Get When Someone Wants to Be Freinds With a Guy and a guy wants to Be Friends With a Girl! SRSLY GOSH!
    Dont Mean They are Dating!

  5. Luca

    numerous other, and more respectable, papers also in attendance have reported that the Sun is lying. which is typical of them since they are the nasty of British Tabloids.

    Also, anyone with a sense of logic would highly question the relationship rumors. No one seems to be able to get photo proof of anything stronger than hand holding (which some male/female friends do), they won’t comment either way (probably because folks would just call them liars). the only proof seems to be that they play a couple on scene. But they would likely be the first to say they are not Edward and Bella.

    And what would it serve to hide or deny it. The PR of being an on and off screen couple would be wonderfully immense. Summit would probably pay them at admit it, even if it was a lie, for that PR. They already don’t have any privacy to protect since they can’t even go buy a toothbrush or some undies without it being posted on 200 sites. So that can’t be a reason. And it’s certainly not a secret with the 100 postings a day everywhere.

    so basically there is no point in not confirming it or worse denying it if it is true.

    and then there’s the interesting detail that she’s way more huggy and smiley with Taylor.
    oh and the strong talk around Hollywood that unlike Robert, she’s very much not allergic to vagina.

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