Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, And An Elephant

That and Christoph Waltz make up the new film Like Water For Elephants that begins shooting soon.

Robert Pattinson talked to Ellen a little about the film and Reese Witherspoon, who left the Neil George Salon yesterday (May 18), talked to ET about starting her training. Am I cranky today or is she dullest person to ever give an interview? Actually, both the interviewer and Reese look like they are trying super hard not to be completely bored with these questions and answers, that I think I heard some teeth crack under those mega smiles.

Check out Reese’s super excitement about the words coming out of her mouth after the jump.

So this elephant, it’s name is Tai and it’s stubborn and Robert Pattinson has to train it, but see it’s really really stubborn. I’m starting to remember why I didn’t get past page ten of this book. But 24,8000 people, two Oscar winners and a guy who better be focused on maintaining that tidal wave of stardom can’t all be wrong. Unless none of them read it either.

Weeeee! I getta ride horses? Sign me up!!