Robert Pattinson Premieres ‘Remember Me’ In The UK

March 17th, 2010 // 3 Comments

Robert Pattinson continues the promotional tour of Remember Me as he attends the UK premiere of the unfortunately toned down movie. The cutie and all around nice guy is all smiles during the event with his hands in his pockets as he answers questions and leans into the crowd to take pictures with fans and sign autographs.

We’ll update the gallery as photos roll in.

By Madison Ventura

  1. patty

    I LOVE this man! The movie was wonderful! He did a great job in it! I saw it four times already! Too bad both Kristen ‘s and Rob’s Premieres were scheduled the same day! I know they would have supported each other. Rob loves Kristen! Kristen loves Rob!
    He is GORGEOUS AND HOT, HOT, HOT !!!!!

  2. Marie

    Great movie and Rob was awesome in it, a fine job of acting. Will be seeing it again this weekend. And yes, he is gorgeous and HOT, HOT, HOT – all grown up from Harry Potter!

  3. rachel

    that’s my pen yay…his pen ran out when he was signing in front of me….so i gave him my pink sharpie :)

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