Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Romance Allegations Heat Up

June 3rd, 2009 // 25 Comments

While Robert Pattinson is in New York City beginning work on Remember Me, and Kristen Stewart is back in California (shown here on a break from a photoshoot in Santa Monica), OK! magazine releases their latest issue with “Yes! They’re in Love” as the headline to their latest issue. They being Stewart and Pattinson of course.

There are photos of Robert and Kristen together in LA this past weekend with their parents sparking rumors of that the family is in on the romance. How about this, the two are friends who have been thrown into this amazingly bright spotlight. They’ve bonded and they’re helping each other deal with this colossal amount of instantaneous fame.

Still OK! puts the rumors out there full frontal, despite the fact that Kristen Stewart has been dating actor Michael Angarano (Will & Grace) for five years. This is what a “friend” of Kristen Stewart told OK!:

“Robert and Kristen spent a lot of time alone together when they filmed the first Twilight movie — they’d stay up most of the night talking, laughing, playing music,” a friend of Stewart tells OK!. “Although [Robert] knew Kristen had a boyfriend, he made no secret of the fact that he was crazy about her.”

“Kristen and Robert hit it off the minute they were introduced,” Kristen’s friend says. “When they auditioned together for the first time [back in 2007], sparks flew. The  problem is, she’s torn between her onscreen and off-screen loves.”

Michael, for his part, has had enough of the scuttlebutt. “A lot of guys would not be as understanding as Michael has been,” says the friend. “But one thing Michael is not quite as understanding of is all the gossip about her and Pattinson.”

So, what do you think about the rumors?

Gallery Info: Kristen Stewart At A Photoshoot In Santa Monica & Robert Pattinson Out in New York

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Zekers

    Again with Robert Patterson. Seriously, every other post is about him…ASL has become RPL.

  2. Jess

    aah my Robsteen .. hope theyare REALLY together ..i heaart them !

  3. lola

    omg-sociallitelife–you are so delusional. She’s 19, you act liek she’s married. Her bf has been MIA for over a month now–and hmmm…in that month we have money shots of them being dropped off at his hotel at 4:00 AM in the morning in Vancouver, and tnow shots of them coming out of the Charlie Hotel the morning after teh awards show. YEah, I always spend the night at the super deluxe Charlie Hotel to bond with my friend over checkers. Get over it, they are doing the deed. And it’s not a big deal–costars bump uglies all the time.

  4. YEAH!!

    Rob and Kristen sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Kristen with a baby carriage

  5. Jenna

    I’ve had enough of these bs rumors! I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually started avoiding each other because they’re sick of those stories.

  6. stolidog

    um, mr. pattinson isn’t “sparkly” because he’s a vampire…..

  7. memememe :D

    i want them tew date but what if they break up? its gonna be awkward while they film eclipse and breaking dawn

  8. amanda

    You’ve more than doubled the amount of time that Kristen Stewart dated Michael Arangawhatever. Yes, past tense. Dated.

  9. Eduardo

    I´ve been in love with Kristen since she was a child. She is only 19, just a teenager, but she seems to be very serious about Robert Pattinson. I think I´m jelous, lol. It´s like she is so cute, so tiny, so shy, valient. Robert has a very good sense of humor in the interviews, so, he is inteligent and mature. They are a very nice couple. But she is MINE in my mind…

  10. Alice

    I think that if they want to be together then they should. They seem to have a lot of chemistry on-screen so why not off-screen. If they want to be a realistic Edward and Bella then they should be.

  11. Beth

    I think they are totally in love why else wud he meet her parents they seem to love him too . I would be shocked if they actually wasnt in love with each other

  12. Jay

    They should do what makes them happy. If things turned sour like they did with Nikki Reed then it would ruin the chemistry of the next 2 Twilight installments….but whatever.

  13. Grace

    what about her boyfriend? this is such a lie, i mean, everything a girl and a boy are in a movie together, people star to say ‘they’re in love’

  14. 258456

    i think saying their in love is a bit much.

  15. loveghost

    That what I read the star maginaze , wow Im soo thriller for them and wish them a luck.. One of them comment said they would get marry then have a child.. You never know it can be true or never.. Just wait and see what happen.. I beleive they could get marry as possible but i dont think they thinking about kids
    rightnow bec they are too young, you know just wait til they are ready Anyway .. By the way last comments that say this is a fake/lies.. Did videos fake?? hello I can read their behavior and thats it I finish with them.. they are true love thats it..

    More than news..

    *Kristen had said that her heart isnt for Micheal. Its Rob..
    *Kristen and Rob had talked each other with their feelings..They admit they fall in love each other..
    *Kristen and Rob had been hold hand and kisses in public.. Soo thats it..

  16. Heidi

    A lot of this is speculation and there really hasn’t been any hard evidence (only hearsay) of the aforementioned statements.

    However, I will say this. It is interesting that Michael is not really anywhere near Kristen in recent events/pictures (however, rumor has it that the studio wants them to be publicly apart for now-who knows if that’s true). Regardless, he has been non-existent, when in the past he was always with her.

    Also, I think most people are picking up on Kristen’s and Rob’s energy, sexual attraction and chemistry. It’s pretty obvious they are VERY connected & close. How close? I’m sure it’ll be revealed soon – it’s too hard to ‘hide’ something like that for too long – I imagine it’s exhausting.

    As far as Rob & Kris dating, I don’t think they are necessarily ‘dating’. I guess that depends on how you define ‘dating’. If you define ‘dating’ as courtship, I’m not sure that’s happening at the moment. MAYBE all they are doing is playing naked twister every once in a while at hotels in LA after eating food.
    (THAT certainly doesn’t mean they’re dating.)

    Now, IF THAT’S TRUE, then that sucks for Michael – even if they are on a ‘break’. Again, all of this is speculation and I basically said what everyone else said, but in a different way.

    After all, Kristen is only 19 years old who has really only seriously dated 1 person. Are you kidding me? I remember being 19 and thinking I was going to be w/ my first boyfriend only to realize, “what the hell was I thinking?” when I’m young, there’s an entire world to explore and tons more people to meet.

    To Kristen, whoever you date or play twister with is your business. Enjoy and live your life fully! =)

    On a side note:
    (Please consider quitting smoking…we want you to be around for a very long while.) =)

  17. Twilover

    Eu acho Kristen e Robert lindos juntos. Combinam tanto quando Edward e Bella, e não é apenas pressão de fãs, é muito mais do que um simples trauma.

    Mas quem somos nós pra escolhermos o futuro das pessoas, se não sabemos escolher direito nem os nossos próprios futuros? Que aconteça o que acontecer, só quero muito que os dois sejam muito felizes.. juntos ou não.

    PS: Bem melhor juntos!

  18. Lara

    I’d be happy for Rob and Kristen if this dating rumor is true but look: In the video of X17 we saw Rob and Kristen (and her mother) but there’s no evidence they actually spent the night together in the hotel bungalow. It’s said a photograph who took the pictures in the morning reported the thing. This guy would tell anything to sell his photos/video… I believe Rob has been staying the night there but maybe not with Kristen. She may have been there for the check-in at the hotel but she could have left him alone for the night and come back the next afternoon with her mother to say goodbye like close friends do.

  19. .oOo.debby.oOo.

    how can you believe anything you read???I mean,how do journalists know them??they don’t!!a source said…yes,a source…
    yeah,they(rob and Kristen) are very closer but it doesn’t mean they are dating!
    show us some pictures instead of inventing stories!

  20. Rwsqrqyd

    2CwiuK comment5 ,

  21. diane

    he better be good to her, or he’s going to have some problems with moi, that girl is gold i hope he knows it, she is not some hussy

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  24. Lucy lightningbolts

    omfg totally adorable i love both of them there amazing actors….but i agree what if they split…no looking good is it…i loved the twilight series before it even came out on movie and im so glad they are doing such a good job with the films but i dont remember bella hitting a werewolf in new moon? weird

  25. Izzytiger

    Hi i heard the news!I think Rob and Kristen should be together they were made for each other!

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