Robert Pattinson Injured On ‘New Moon’ Set

According to National Enquirer reporter Mike Walker, Robert Pattinson was hit in the head by a piece of flying metal.

“During filming of his upcoming flick, “The Twilight Saga:  New Moon” in Vancouver, Pattinson had just started shooting a scene when a rogue gust of violent wind tore a heavy metal sign from a post.  It shot across the location so fast no one even managed to shout a warning at Pattinson, who was just opening his mouth to emote when…WHAM!…the unguided missile smashed into the back of his head.”

Walker writes that Rob dropped and “then lay deadly still as cast and crew ran to help, sending out a radio call for an ambulance.  Finally, Pattinson – looking like he’d had the blood sucked from him – began moving feebly, disoriented, but able to speak.  The crew put ice packs on a knot sized lump, and by the time medics arrived, the star was coherent and insisting he was fine.  Taking no chances, the director canceled filming.  Pattinson was ordered back to his hotel, but returned the next day – sporting a lump.”

That’s our little trooper. I’m sure Ryan Reynolds would have iced down the bump.

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