Robert Pattinson Injured On ‘New Moon’ Set

March 24th, 2009 // 21 Comments

According to National Enquirer reporter Mike Walker, Robert Pattinson was hit in the head by a piece of flying metal.

“During filming of his upcoming flick, “The Twilight Saga:  New Moon” in Vancouver, Pattinson had just started shooting a scene when a rogue gust of violent wind tore a heavy metal sign from a post.  It shot across the location so fast no one even managed to shout a warning at Pattinson, who was just opening his mouth to emote when…WHAM!…the unguided missile smashed into the back of his head.”

Walker writes that Rob dropped and “then lay deadly still as cast and crew ran to help, sending out a radio call for an ambulance.  Finally, Pattinson – looking like he’d had the blood sucked from him – began moving feebly, disoriented, but able to speak.  The crew put ice packs on a knot sized lump, and by the time medics arrived, the star was coherent and insisting he was fine.  Taking no chances, the director canceled filming.  Pattinson was ordered back to his hotel, but returned the next day – sporting a lump.”

That’s our little trooper. I’m sure Ryan Reynolds would have iced down the bump.

Gallery Info: Robert Pattinson Los Angeles Premiere of the film Twilight

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jennifer

    After what happened to Natasha Richardson, he should have gone to the hospital.

  2. ButchWacker

    You mean that hair didn’t stop it?

  3. ashley

    that’s too bad hope he’ll be fine now takecare rob! :D so many fanpire worrying now for sure

  4. Twilight whore

    i don’t like that rpatz was hurt. he’s so damn cute. thank god it wasnt major. i wish i could have took care of him

  5. Nicky

    I think he did go to the hospital. It says he protested about going but they didn’t want to take any chances so he had to go.

  6. gia

    What happened to Natasha Richardson was rare, but still why ever take any chances?

  7. SweetSoprano

    The National Enquirer has reporters?!

    And I’m surprised that a highly anticipated movie like this would allow a publication like that on set.

    In other words, I call B.S. on this one…”looking like he’d had the blood sucked out of him.” Oh come on!

  8. Mouse

    There isn’t 1 thing attractive about him. If he wasn’t famous, no one would take a second look at this guy.

  9. aeryn

    Um, jealous much, Mouse? Please, he is the most gorgeous man on the planet right now.

    If this story is true, I do hope he went to the hospital and got the proper tests because there is no Twilight without Robert.

  10. maccallister

    aw!now the movie was another day left behind because they have to wrapped up due to that flying thing!hahaha.Cant blame me im so waiting for the movie to be finished and see it at theaters!

    im so hoping they will go by the book!
    ( <–gay blog)

  11. Gen

    Let me rub my vagina on it! He’ll be fine!

  12. Maria

    I was just going to write exactly what Jennifer said. Why take any chances? I hope he did go to the hospital. He must be fine, though, if he came back the next morning.

  13. Michelle

    Jen, your disgusting!!! Trying to give him crabs or something.

  14. Vintagevamp

    To Mouse: Famous or not, I’d definitely look twice! He’s hot!

  15. emily

    All the people on the New Moon set that this didn’t really happen that it is just an internet rumor. rob even said so.

  16. Tabbie

    He said this isn’t true. lol. Check out his interview.

  17. burges

    YOU MEAN THAT GREAT BIG STIFF POMPADOR HAIR DOO HE WEARS DID NOT STOP IT! oh well. can’t say he needs any sense knocked into him. Why is he whinning about being” famous “now? 3 yrs when twatlight isover and he’s a hasbeen he’ll beg to be noticed. lol

  18. Sizzles

    Yah i totally agree wit burges…soo many celebs take their fame 4 granted until they dnt have it anymore and YES RobPATZZ is wayyyy sizzlin! ;)Cant wait till New Moon ad Eclipse movies…their gona be hot!lol and Hope Rob is ok. but i gt admit its kinda funny…he looks like a bad luck magnet. lol but its cool cuz i am 2! ;P

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  21. celine

    hey ROBY hope you are ok and to Mouse: looks like you are jealous like hell! haha now really i knew robert pattinson when he was acting in harry potter and you know he wasnt that famous but look at him he was so gorgeous and now an angel! his eyes his face his mouth is amazing! and to Gen: you are absolutely disgusting! do you think that what you said is like intersting!? you really should think twice and to ALL TWILIGHTERS !! LOVE YOU AND TO ROBERT PATTINSON: GO ROB GO PATZ!! hheyyyyyyyyyOO LOVE YOU!!!

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