Robert Pattinson Happy To Play A Real Character In ‘Remember Me’

Playing a moody, pose-y vampire and a mother stranded on a crazy sci-fi island has underwhelmed Robert Pattinson and Emile de Ravin, the two said in a Vogue interview. That and being a teen heartthrob had its downsides when the actors shot scenes for their new film Remember Me. Legions of Twilight fans and paparazzi made it difficult to stay in character. I mean honestly, when has a little romantic movie gotten this much attention?

“It was the most ridiculous experience,” Pattinson said. “You’re trying to stay in
character and you’re trying to walk down the street, but all those
people keep reminding you that you’re not this character, you’re–“

“A show pony,” de Ravin butted into the interview, and the two burst into laughter. The chemistry between the two during the interview did not go unnoticed. Even the film’s director notes the magnetism between them.

“Rob and Emilie are gifted actors who really like each other,” said the movie’s director, Allen Coulter. “And the movie reveals them in a whole new way.”

Well, it’s good to see that RPattz is getting attention for some work that seems farther away from Razzie consideration. But Emilie: girl better back off RPattz if she knows what’s good for her. Those Twilight fans mean business. And after seeing this photoshoot, watch your back for me too.