Robert Pattinson Gets Flipped Off

June 16th, 2009 // 12 Comments

Not in real life of course, I mean who would want to do that? These are photos taken by RPattz/Robert Pattinson (via ROBsessed) of Robert Pattinson filming a scene for his film Remember Me. Love that little knowing smirk Rob is giving while being flipped off.

Plus Spunk-Ranson posted video of Rob standing around on the set and filming. More videos are after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. samantha

    The pic is so interesting! lol
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  2. michaela

    i do like robert pattinson as an actor. but he is getting full of himself. sorry but its the truth

  3. Fiona

    Of course he is full of himself. Who wouldn’t be? There are a tonne of girls, magazines, newspapers and chatshows going on and on about ‘unbelievably gorgeous’ he is. Well? I know I would be a little full of myself. All that positive talk would go straight to my head and send my self-esteem sky-high. xxx

  4. Kirsten

    He is sooo gorgeous. Yum

  5. linda

    Full of himself?? Are you nuts….he still remains so true to himself and humble even with all this nutty adoration around him….He is absolutely adorable, sexy, and so freggin handsome….love the guy.

  6. melanie

    I CAN’T WAIT to see this movie! But if I don’t stop looking at these snaps it’ll be spoiled for me. What to do .. can’t resist the drama! LOL..

  7. janey

    The look on both of their faces is priceless in that scene. Can’t wait for this movie to hit the theaters.

  8. Kyuu

    so full of himself? i don’t think so…

  9. Jessica

    In this picture I am the one in the denim blue jacket. so funny that the pop caught me on camera!

  10. Deborah

    Anyone who thinks Rob is full of himself isn’t paying attention. This is for a scene, not real life aka he’s acting. In real life Rob also has a wicked/witty sense of humor. But come on unless a person is just totally out of it, you should be able to tell when he’s teasing and when he’s serious.

    Still don’t believe me?, go read/listen to what his co-stars say about him. The man is refreshingly humble and down-to-earth. There are no ego trips on his celebrity road map.

  11. Megan

    What a fucking bitch! She is just one of those people who go around acting like nobodys good enough for her. He is not full of himself he constantly insists he does not get what girls like about him in about every interview he’s very sweet but the poor guy dodging rumors constantly they really need to fuck off especially you haters! Judging him off these false rumors especially when they come off the stupidest websites! Like the gay rumors because he said a joke which obvoiusly a lot of people didn’t get even in a interview he said it was a joke and that he regretted saying it. Alot of people say dumb stuff but if he says one dumb thing he immediately gets judged. And the whole racist thing is the dumbest thing I ever heard I looked all over the computer for a article saying he was being racist and found only a couple of websites and even this one explained what he meant it was not even close to being racist.

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