Robert Pattinson Cuts Hair, Girls Everywhere Weep

December 22nd, 2008 // 40 Comments

Gone is Robert Pattinson‘s signature crazy hair! The boy went and cut it all off. He’s kind of ordinary now. Thoughts?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. chocomon

    For all the paparazzis out there: Please leave Rob alone, poor boy needs some privacy! And whether his haircut is good or not is up to him to decide, pleeeaase can those weeping fans get their own life and do something more meaningful other than weeping over a haircut??!!…

  2. erica

    He looks incredibly hot as well you know. You just want to wind up fans to get hits. He’s an actor not a model and the cut is for Parts Per Billion. He ALWAYS looks different in every role he plays.

  3. Ruth

    If you think thats ordinary you need glasses. He’s the hottest actor in Hollywood. I could lick him all over. Get that white walking stick out socialite. His charisma radiates off that photo. He has soul and 99.9% of US actors dont.

  4. Kerry

    The most beautiful man in the world.

  5. shelly

    Thats such a gorgeous shot. He’ll be the biggest star in the world very soon. He was incredible as Slavadodr Dali in Little ashes.

  6. Babs

    A class act. Love him to bits. This site is bonkers. He’s the most gorgeous guy in Hollywood.

  7. Leigh

    He is still smoking gorgeous and an incredible actor, muscian, and human being! Please give the man some well earned privacy and let him be.

  8. Mamasita25

    Who cares about the hair, his face a damn work of art!!!

  9. Mamasita25

    God Save the Queen! First you bring me Gavin Rossdale now Robert Pattison. I can’t thank you enough. Cheers!

  10. actually...

    …he looks less stinky. now if he could just do something with the facial hair.

  11. haylee

    OMG!!! he is soo fuckin UGLYYYY!!!!
    He seriously needs to fix his gross eye brows.. and get a tan!!! And he really needs to be tall, i love guys that are tall.

    It is a fact that, BEN AFFLECK and JOSH DUHAMEL, are the 2 sexiest men alive!!!

  12. Sue

    Dear lord i truely believe that ive never seen a man more beautiful. i love his short hair but i do have to say that i couldnt see ‘EDWARD’ without that lovely hair so hopefully it will grow back in time

  13. vinnie

    he looks so damn better with his new hair.. haha.. he looks more handsome.. waaaaaaaaaa…….

  14. Champagne

    He stated in interviews that he was getting tired of all the hair questions. With all the insanity surrounding Twilight, I’m glad he took control of whatever he could (his hair) — and reclaimed his own. He’s perfect, in my book. Merry Christmas, Mr. Pattinson!

  15. carmel

    Rob still look gorgeous!….or should I say he looked more gorgeous! hotter and sexier!!….

  16. modusa

    i just realized he looks like a young brendan fraser.

  17. Megan

    Better actor than Zac Efron, and MUCH MUCH MUCH hotter! Say good-bye Zac; he is nowhere near popular anymore. Robert came in and kicked him out. Robert is a great Edward, and not just because of his looks {but they are a big role}. He has a tantalizing voice, and great acting skills! I love the new haircut because you can see his beautiful Orlando Bloom eyes better! I think he will always be a little hottie, moving his way up in the entertainment world! Just finished New Moon today; cannot wait for the movie release next November or December, whatever it is. I know I am like the rest of the world; waiting for the next YEAR to pass so we can all go crazy and see it, even though it will probably be sold out! ROBERT IS MY HUGEST CELEB CRUSH EVER! GO ROBERT!

  18. kaye

    why do we have to make a big deal about his haircut?

  19. angel

    omg. i don’t like that haircut of yours. pffft. but sókay. it will grow back. HA- HA. XD

  20. jadeee

    how cares about his eyebrows?
    he needs to shave lol

    he is sooo hott. xD

  21. sirza

    aaaawww!! He looks so CUTE i love him!!! he is only mine bitchez!!

  22. dora

    ohhh my god i cant believe him!!!

    even do his hair is not as cute as before, his face is as cute as always!!


  23. mk

    I think it’s an improvement. Didn’t notice how hot he was before

  24. syaffiq

    does anyone know what type of bag that he hold on his right hand? that black rouded thing….

  25. Valerie

    I think he is gay!. I’m not sure, but I have my suspicions, and he is not as beautiful as all people are saying!.

  26. Jill

    I miss his long hair but he looks just as wonderful with his short hair and normally I hate short hair but he really is just a guy who can pull anything off. As for the press and everything. I’m a fan too and I understand the excitement but just leave him alone. It’s said before he hates the fame just lay off him. The dear deserves it. No one should be forced into the public like that. Its unfair it ruins relationships aswell. There are reason why someones private life is called PRIVATE LIFE. He’s doing a great job as Edward and screw anyone who doesnt think so. love ya rob.

  27. Gabriela

    What a pity,I loved his hair.. but I think incredible how he is beautiful with every looks,I love Rob and his job. He is so perfect how Edward Cullen! Twiligtht was the better movie without doubts.

  28. Me

    Not that bad. It’s a cleaner look. He’s good looking either way.

  29. Holly C.

    I think he looks cleaner than before, but i do miss his long hair. now he should shave!lol! he is still sooooo HOT though!!!!

  30. meli

    ohh my he looks so hot…! woo *faints*
    although i did love his hair but this look does suit him

  31. Jenn

    He looks about 10,000 times hotter. Rob looks better with the short hair like this, but as Edward… it has to be long. Nice.

  32. Elizabeth

    so when i first heard about his haircut i freaked out. but once i saw it, its not that bad people. i mean he still looks amazingx100000. sure, i miss his old hair but its his hair. let him do what he wants to do with it. and for all you people who think he is ugly your crazy!!

    i love spunk ransom/robert pattinson<3

  33. bryony

    i think he is still hot either way
    his hair was nice longer but its nice short too
    any way i love him

  34. henry

    na. i think the media overblew the whole hair-loppin affair. come on, he’s still as gorgeous as ever. personally, i think it was good riddance. the way he touched his hair in interviews got really annoying.

  35. Miranda

    “He’s kindof ordinary now.”

    Good grief what are you? Blind. He’s still smoking hot.

    And comeon it’s hair- so it will grow back. Do you think he’d cut it knowing he was going to be Edward if it wouldn’t grow back. He needed a change. Sometimes we all do. The man is still gorgeous, and highly talented. The hair doesn’t make him Edward, his acting does. Yes, it fits the Edward persona, but as I said, it being hair, means it will grow back out.

  36. callie

    yall leave him alone.he is coming 2 my state 2 morrow and thoh i am sad that i wont get to see him with his other hairrdo it is his hair… they can fix it

  37. natalia

    wow. sad but its okay. he would still need to cut it becuz of his vampire “dont change” role and his other movie part. good good. hope he does good in other parts. and great hair cut. but duuude he looks so different. lol. i feel bad for him he looks tired. like “ugh. i cant believe they takin a picture of me. lets get this over with.” or “wow… yeah they would take a picture of me. *sigh*.” GOOD LUCK ROB. we still love you. :]

  38. natalia

    He looks tired. well he’s gonna have to cut it eventually since vampires cant change. I cant believe people wont just leave him alone. look at his expression. it looks like he caught a little kid doing something wrong. haha. still he’s a cutie. hope it grows back in time for twilight. i wont mind a wig though. JUST KIDDING. good luck Rob. WE all love you any ways

  39. natalia

    the thing on his right hand is a guitar case.

  40. Minna

    Actually, I don’t think it’s the hair that makes him Edward. It’s Robert and all Robert who makes Edward. I think he looks more handsome now, you can actually see his face now.

    I’m glad he cut it off.

    Lots of luck on New Moon sweetie, and take care of each other on set.


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