Robert Pattinson & Chris Weitz Tokyo Posing [PHOTO GALLERY]

Robert Pattinson and Director Chris Weitz attend the The Twilight Saga: New Moon press conference at Shinagawa Intercity Hall on November 3, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. ROBsessed posted these live tweets from the event:

RT @Twilight_Nusa #LIVEFROMTOKYO When Chris said something funny, Rob laughed and we’re all melt
RT @Twilight_Nusa: #LIVEFROMTOKYO Chris Weitz let us watch new NM footage! THEY’RE PLAYING NEW SCENE FROM NEW MOON NOW!!!!! (Gozde: We’ll try to get the video of this)
RT @Twilight_Nusa #LIVEFROMTOKYO Rob keeps on laughing and smiling!!
RT @Dinna178: #LIVEFROMTOKYO rob is so skinny!!!
RT @PDjani Chris keep on teasing Rob!
RT @Twilight_Nusa: #LIVEFROMTOKYO Rob keeps on laughing and smiling!!
RT @Dinna178: #LIVEFROMTOKYO when asked what is Rob’s most fave scene from NM he answer: any scene w/ volvo car!! LOL
RT @PDjani Fan meeting’s finish, but before that, Rob & Chris come out at the hall’s balcony, waving at us

The film will open on November 28 in Japan.

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