Robert Pattinson Center Of ‘New Moon’ Love Triangle

April 19th, 2009 // 53 Comments

Tabloid reports claim that Robert Pattinson is the object of affection of both his New Moon co-stars Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart. The two ladies are reportedly vying for the 22-year-old British actor’s attention, sparking on-set drama.

“The girls are competing for Rob’s attention. Kristen and Nikki both like him, and it’s getting ugly,” a source tells Star magazine. To make matters worse, Rob encourages their efforts by visiting each of their hotel rooms, the spy claims.

As the story goes, RPattz is just playing both of them. Of course, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets bit.

Gallery Info: New Moon stars Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart at The Metropole in Vancouver to take in a concert performance of Sage and The Dills.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Joe Mahma

    Kristen Stewart is WAY hotter (and more talented) than that cow, Nikki Reed.

  2. Jack-ley

    Asley Green not involved in the tug-of-war? I bet she’s more enjoying their love triangle with Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz.

  3. becky

    kirsten has a long term boyfriend ive read so much about all this stuff xx im looking forward to seeing new moon..

  4. Bob sagget sux

    Firstly, Joe mahma wtf is wrong with u! Kristen stewarts acting sux, nikki reed is WAAY better. Atleast nikki doesnt talk like a robot in twilight :p
    Secondly this article is false, and im tired of seeing this crap, Kristen Stewart has a friggen boyfriend so stop trying to cause all these waste of space drama

  5. ali

    Sigh. Rob and Kristen are together. Come on fans wake up.

  6. Jenna

    This is such BS. Everybody knows Kristen Stewart is happy with her boyfriend and she’s Nikki Reed’s best friend. There’s absolutely no way they’d be fighting over Rob. lmfao

  7. alyaa

    This is total bull. Kristen is happily dating Michael and Nikki is her best friend. They both are going to be doing another movie together, so why cause so much tension. Besides how is Robert lying to both girls, when Kristen praised him on how he couldn’t lie.
    I’m not trying to make Rob sound like a saint, but he and the girls are not that stupid to jeopardize this project over relationship issues. They are all professional enough to realize that would cause problems among themselves and the rest of the cast members.

  8. sarah

    so bored of this story!!!!so old!

  9. Sarah

    Anyone notice one of his eyes is red. Vampire lol.

  10. So What!

    Is it just me or do the pictures depict tension between rob and nikki? In each photo she seems to be tearing him a new one. He looks as if he wishes she would chill and stop with the drama. I bet he can’t wait to get away from her. Kristen looks as if she is tired of the drama too. Nikki wants all his fans to know that’s he man. But what she reallys knows tn be true is that she is a worn out booty call. She really needs to move on and stop trying to guilt into an opened and publicized relationship. He’s not in love with either of them.

  11. sezza

    i think tht rob pattinson is hot buh i think tht he is sooo mean coz i reli think this story is true. I mean kirstan n nikki r lyk best friends n ther has been loadsa speculation tht ther has been drama on the set of new moon they r lyk fightin ova him. I really liked rob but this story makes sooo much sense if u reli think about it n the hotel says tht one say he’s in nikki’s hotel room ordering coffee n another day he is wit kirstan orderin room service its stupid reli they SHOULD BOTH DUMP HIM !!! even tho i love him he sounds lyk a hugee pig !

  12. Twilighter

    LOL. This story is obviously FALSE. I’m so sick of these “sites” posting the same bull all the time. Work on getting the real facts before you post. Honestly,I think Nikki is a waybetter actress than K-Stew. Kristen has a boyfriend and they seem pretty serious,I bet she’s sick of ppl constantly saying her and Rob”Edward”belong together just because they play lovers in the movie. It’s also pretty sad that ppl are saying she and Nikki are fighting over Rob. Aren’t they best friends? Why would they let a guy come between then and their work? Stop trying to put Rob off on every freakin female actress he works with,or say hi to.

  13. Glowerer

    Yummy! Even if it’s not true it works the career and pocket angle! They need to cut out all of the jealousy and share. Proper philanders never mind a little bit of healthy competition. Being a 22 year old guy who the ladies love is liberating, I am sure.

    But seriously, I cant wait until all of the Twilight Saga filming and drama finds the backseat so that we could see him in more *ah hem* mature roles (wink wink).

  14. #1fanoftwilight

    K-Stewert and R-Pattinson forever. N-Reed whatever.

  15. Tagia

    Robert is adorable, why wouldn’t women be fighting over him, I would…. Besides everyone knows that Celebs alwys get involved when they working together…. Rob seems like a very playful kinda guy – maybe his just having some fun…. As for love – everyone knows u can never love people in the exact same way, Cupid just does not operate that way…. If Robs happy – I’m happy 4 him…..

  16. Kasten

    This is utterly ridiculous. I don’t see why people have to make up stupid sh*t like this. And I don’t see why people have to diss Kristen or Nikki. If you know them personally think what you want but if you don’t then stop judging ppl based on a.)the media or b.)the characters they play in a film. And as for Rob, seeing him in Twilight is awesome, not only because he’s gorgeous, but also because he pulled off Edward interestingly, but I’d rather listen to his music. If you haven’t heard his songs like “Stray Dog” or “I’ll Be Your Lover, Too” you are sorely missing out. Cheers!
    x :)

  17. Nikki6

    He is enjoying himself, cut him some slack. Every time he leaves the set and tries to have a social life the rumours start.

    He and Kristen have a deep and emotional connection, and Nikki looks like good fun. I don’t blame him for hanging out with either of them – I would really love to see Rob and Kristen make a go of it though as they seem very well suited.


  18. Jenifer

    This is a crap article.. its not true at all!
    and just sayin Kristen’s acting in twilight suxs but in her other movies like “The Messengers” her actings not bad! maybe she just cant act love movies…or something…

  19. Priscilla

    Who cares about all of this anymore? It’s all tabloid rumors, and even through some of it is probably true, I don’t care about the actors’ personal lives. just make New Moon good guys. ANd I’ll be happy. :)

  20. Amanda

    Are you serious? This is complete bogus! “A source” says they’re in a love triangle. There is absolutely NO PROOF of anything going on between Rob and Nikki or Rob and Kristen. Friends hang out in each other’s rooms sometimes too, it doesn’t mean their hooking up. That’s just retarded

  21. hayley dibiasio

    rober is deffinetly not dating kristen stewart, and people need to realize that. kristen goes out with a man named michael a. he was also a fellow co-star of hers in the lifetime movie, “speak.” so people really need to stop saying nikki reed and kristen stewart are fighting over there amazingly hot co-star robert pattinson. also, never listen to tabloids, they also said that barak obama (a married man) was gay. that is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.

  22. snickers

    Kasten – you are soo right…dont judge those u dont know..and rob music is beautiful and he shouldnt be in the middle of this hollywood crap… i’ll be your lover too is my fav.

  23. Adrienna

    I don’t belive that kristen and nikki are fighting its just a rumor that someone is spreading i say that kristen and nikki rock but Robert had nothin to do with this and i love him so much he’s hot and i like his life style and his personality its hot!

  24. Adrianna

    this is not true some is spreading this rumor they can’t be fighting i say Kristen and Nikki are great and that Robert didn’t have anything to do with this cause he honest. He’s so sweet has a great personality and a great lifstyle!

  25. Tina

    While I say that both ladies should dump Robert Pattinson. So that he can get the taste of his own meds, but I for one don’t want to see him leave the bussiness of twilight just because of a broken heart. So in the case of who should end up with Robert Pattinson. I would say Nikkie. Only because Kristen already has a boyfriend!!!

  26. Lisa

    Not to be gross but the way stories get hyped up when they’re coming from ‘Hollywood’ the only way i’d believe this was if i’d seen him have sex with them both with my own two eyes, and i’d advise everyone else to take the same approach. It must really hurt Kristen to be accused of this when she’s in a long term relationship and if he is with Nikki they’re both consenting adults, this is all so pathetic!

  27. mimi

    stupid, don’t believe this at all. i think nikki is ugly, i haven’t seen her in other movies and her role in twilight didn’t really allow her to act or not act, there just weren’t enough lines. of all the rumored gf’s of rob, i feel the only one that he might have liked was camilla belle… just my hunch, even tho i wish he’d date kristen too! but it really does seem kristen is happy with mike, i don’t get it tho, he’s so short and looks like a monkey. sorry so mean, but it’s true. at least she’s not superficial and very dedicated to her relationship, good for her!

  28. nicole

    who cares rob is gay and ass ugly! both cld do way betta

  29. Mary

    Personally, this sounds like major BS.

    The part where it says “it’s getting ugly” is retarted. It makes it sound fake., getting ugly, oh please how ugly can it be. Jeez. Roberts hot, but not worth fighting over, he seems to play every girl he see’s.

    BUT that could all be rumors to, these poor celeb’s get marked with so many un true facts it must make them go nuts.

    And anyone think its funny how Robert is suposedly dating every one of his co stars so far? What are they going to say next? Roberts dating Dakota fanning! Lmao.

  30. nicxxx

    well . .. is it really any of our business who these people are dating…or romantically involved with.. if we all concentrated more on there talents and less on whose screwing who… myself and im sure rob, kristen and nikki will be much . & poor michael..

    i feel sorry for all of them, they are young and cant even go to the toilet without rumors or the paparazzi in tow…nic xxx

  31. Susan Falcone

    I don’t think is true. You have to understand that to make a movie successful, there has to be charisma between the lead characters. Yes, it’s a job, but sometimes it spills into real life vis a vis Zac Effron and Vanessa Hudgens, they’ve been together for 3 years. But, to make trouble when you know you are going to hopefully be making 2 1/2 more movies with these people would be just plain stupid and so unnecessary. If Rob or either of the girls have strong feelings for eachother, well then that’s what it is. Statistics prove that many couples meet, where? At work! Just because making movies in itself is out of the mainstream doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. When you perform opposite someone the feelings are so intense, it just can’t be helped. So, whoever any of them ends up with is none of anyone’s business but their own. I just hope no one is playing with anyone’s feelings.

  32. Michelle

    Good God!!! Are we doing this again???

  33. john b

    This story is false. Rob has practically admitted that he is Gay! He even said many times that his publicists get mad at him because he won’t go along with “fake girl/hook-up” stories when they “leak” them to the press. He has said “I keep my personal life private, but I am not gonna lie…” LOL—I wonder what that means….;)

  34. dessa

    r u crazy? he’s NOT GAY!!!
    some ppl take as it seems everything so literally!!!
    have u ever heard of jokes? hm?…stinks like jealousy!!!

  35. dessa

    r u crazy? he’s NOT GAY!!!
    some ppl take as it seems everything so literally!!!
    have u ever heard of jokes? hm?…stinks like jealousy!!!

  36. dessa

    r u crazy? he’s NOT GAY!!!
    some ppl take as it seems everything so literally!!!
    have u ever heard of jokes? hm?…stinks like jealousy!!!

  37. anna

    they are all young and just trying to have some fun so leave them be. cant’ wait to see new moon but i am so looking forward to eclipse. love you guys

  38. christie

    it is more fiction than fact because if something was going on don’t ya think that the paparrazi would have caught the two girls fight or giving each other dirty looks hello u people believe anything don’t cha

  39. christie

    it is more fiction than fact because if something was going on don’t ya think that the paparrazi would have caught the two girls fight or giving each other dirty looks hello u people believe anything don’t cha

  40. debbie

    all this talk about who he is with or not is a bunch of bull. let him live his life like he wants. my gosh, a women would be so lucky just to be with Rob. I mean his eyes are just so great you drown in them. And his lips look like something sweet to just kiss. And yes his hair looks a mess, but my god,he looks great no matter what. To me i think his hair is just right for him. Just wish people would leave him alone, he is after all just human like us. But of course, that does no stop me like everyone else from wanting him

  41. kassandra

    i think they should all get a life and leave them alone because its not any of your buisness!!!

    but i think kristen and rob should
    be with each other!!

  42. addy

    wat i thought kristen had a boifriend. poor rob wonder how he is copin. and wats gone with kristen thouught she liked rob as a friend im seriously stuck can someone anwers me

  43. addy

    i know i want rob so much even thou im young but u just get addicted to him he is so hot and u cant resist him i cant blame kristen and nikki they got the same eyes as mine but kristen she got a boifriend she does not need rob even though i want them to be together really bad

  44. pip286pec


  45. valentine

    oh god, so f*****g sick of this silly story now. In all his interviews he says he’s single *shrug*. I doubt he’d say that if it were an outright lie, that would be bloody ridiculous…

    And if he is dating one or the other, good for him, tbh…

  46. jaime

    He’s a pig!!!

  47. Jessica

    umm frist off kristen can act. and 2nd yes she did break up with her “boyfriend”. no longer dating..
    and umm nikki doesnt like rob. she thinks his cute and thats it! rob and kristen are talking and well they have to kiss eachother a lot in the next 3 years so i kind of have a feeling they will date. they make the cutest couple i’ve ever seen. and umm yeahh she can to act. freakin retard.

  48. Haley

    OMG!!!!People come on with all the movies of the series left Rob & Kristen will so be together!Rob likes Kristen and he likes her!People deal with it.I mean they have to be together all the time and if u have read the books! DUH THEY NEED TO BE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!And Nikki thinks he is cute she is not obsessed like rob is for kristen and the other way around! They are so together.

  49. Rachel

    I personally think Robert and Kristen would make a cuter couple than Robert and Nikki would…no offence to her :/! Robert could be Kristen’s real life Edward how perfect…i think they’re ment to be!!! :)

  50. Lgtpqxbj

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