Robert Pattinson Attempted To Do Own Stunts For ‘Twilight’

Robert Pattinson was eager to do it all in his first major role in a movie. Pattinson who played vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight (you may have heard of the movie already) wanted to do his own stunts. That was until he got hit by a car while doing so.

“I tried to do some of my own stunts. Some of them were pretty extreme and also my stunt double looks exactly like me.

“The scariest one was when I run and I put my hand out to stop this car which is racing towards me. I had practiced it a bunch of times but the car is like coming at 30 miles per hour. And I was sick on the day of shooting. I had taken antibiotics and I was really dozy and the car went off its tracks.

“So there I am, holding Kristen Stewart’s stunt double and my timing was off because I wasn’t feeling too good and the car like hit me in the face. Then I dropped her and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“I didn’t have any injuries,” Pattinson adds, “but Kristen’s double could barely walk for a like a month. I felt so bad!!”

That is funny isn’t it?

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