Robert Pattinson Arrives At ‘Letterman,’ Street Shut Down

Robert Pattinson’s arrival (wearing a Burberry suit) to The Late Show with David Letterman shuts down 53rd street due to the masses of fans. Pattinson took time to sign autographs for his waiting fans, even stopping to sign a little girl’s Twilight book.

Gossip Cop has posted some tidbits from Rob’s appearance on David Letterman. Here are a few choice bits:

Pattinson discussed how girls AND guys go crazy around him. One large fella in particular asked for Pattinson to bite him, which he did… and the guy liked it.

Letterman showed the cover of Harper’s Bazaar (with Pattinson and Kristen Stewart), and asked whether they were dating. Pattinson politely said he’s been “cryptically avoiding” this question, and Letterman then jokingly cut him off with, “Oh, bite me!”

They discussed Pattinson’s American accent in his film work, and Pattinson picked two words and said them with an exaggerated “American” accent. The first? “Sidewalk,” which drew a huge laugh. Then he said “candy.”

Check out Gossip Cop for more choice bits.

We have now added the videos from his appearance on Letterman. Check those out after the jump.