Robert Pattinson Appears On French TV & Dines With Brad Pitt – VIDEO & PICS

May 20th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Robert Pattinson, along with Alesha Dixon, Willem Dafoe, Eric Cantona and Pauline Lefevre, made an appearance on the French TV network Canal+ show the Grand Journal during a press junket. Rob wore the same outfit that he wore to the photocall.

The New Moon actor looked hunky as he arrived during the soiree, sporting the selected brownish-red tanned hide coupler with the black vest/grey shirt/black trousers combo.

I don’t speak French so much of the video (click the continue reading link below to view the video) makes no sense at all to me. If anyone can fill in the gaps, do so in the comments.

Later in the evening he did add a jacket to the outfit and headed out to dinner with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for an Inglourious Basterds celebratory dinner. If that wasn’t enough activity for Rob during the day, he then went to the DSquared party. I’m exhausted just writing about it all.

Gallery Info: Robert Pattinson is all over the Cannes Film Festival (UPDATE: More pics of Robert Pattinson added, beginning at page 4 of the gallery.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Teavai

    I’m French so I can help you to figure out whay they all said =)

    1. Rob sat next to Eric Cantona who used to be a famous soccer player back in the day. So they told him since he’s from England he must be a soccer fan and they asked him which team he supported. Rob said he’s a supporter of Arsenal.

    2. Then they said that each time Rob goes somewhere, he has millions of hysterical fans following him or waiting for him. So they asked him how he deals with this. Rob said he just ignores it or else he would end up not knowing who he really is.

    3. They said that the NM is still being shot now and they showed the new poster which was released today. They asked him when will the filming of NM end. Rob said he has 4 days of filming left in Italy.

    4. They asked him if he can give away a few secrets on the NM filming. Rob said there’s no secret since it’s based on the book and whoever read the book knows what’s coming. He said the character i play leaves his gf and she starts seeing someone else. They asked him the reassure his fans that he comes back at the end and that we still see him throughout the movie. Rob said that indeed we see him in the movie as he appears as a ghost.

    5. They asked him if he knew that Twilight would be such a big hit for him when he first accepted to play Edward Cullen. Rob said no, not at all. Every day, it surprises him more and more and that he still can’t get used to it. He said it was supposed to be a small movie when he first signed in and that it turned out to be a huge success.

    6. They told him that they heard that because of all the hysteria going on, he registers under different nicknames in hotels and that back in january he was registered under “Clive Handjob.” Rob said yes, that’s the name i used when i was in Paris.

    7. They asked him if he enjoys playing in Twilight or does he already feels like going in another direction. Rob said that he knew from the beginning that it was a trilogy and that for now he’s focused on Twilight. He said he’ll probably do take on different roles after Twilight. They said he had already a new project and he played Dali in Little Ashes (they showed the poster). Rob said yes it came out last month.

    8. They asked him if he thinks that his fans will be a little shocked with him playing Dali. But the main interviewer didn’t let Rob answer and he went on saying that they’re going to show a clip from the Twilight DVD.

    9. Then the lady interviewer in fangs asked if Rob can give her a kiss. So Rob kindly obliged.

    10. And finally they thank him for being on the show and they say that eventhough he’s very young, he remains grounded despite all the crazyness surrounding him and that they respect him for that and for his talent as an actor. They ask Eric Cantona what he think abt the way Rob handles everything. Eric says it’s important not to lose sight of who he is and that Rob seems smart so he doesn’t need to worry abt that. So Rob thanks Eric for saying that.

  2. cmh

    thx for the recap teveai. very thorough. appreciate it!

  3. Too_Far_Gone

    OMFG I just had a heart attack. Brad Pitt and Rob Pattinson in the same city? In the same ROOM? I think my vajayjay just exploded.

    Tweet if you find pics! I will surely die if there are pics. xoxo



  5. anna

    Dear Teavai, thank you very much for the wonderful translation. Appreciate it very much.

  6. Nancy

    Damn! Angelina, Brad and Robert….give us some pics.

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