Robert Pattinson And Emilie de Ravin Talk Remember Me

These two are the cutest little costars. As much as I do love Kristen Stewart (why does everyone hate on that girl?), I’m digging the real-life vibe that Emile de Ravin and Robert Pattinson are emulating in this “Rough Cuts: Remember Me” segment.

Both of them with their adorable accents (Emilie from Australia, and the ‘sparkly one’ from Britain of course) described the “modesty patches” they had to wear during the love scenes while filming their most recent rom-com (that’s romantic comedy, for those of you not in the know). Apparently there were no professional ball-sack holders on set, so they had to make a make-shift penis blocker out of an old bra. Robert was loving it, and describes “wrapping it around his ass”. Nothing like giving your all to the craft, I always say.

(P.S – Anyone else notice the giant, spherical balls of greenery in the front of this video that look like big balls of marijuana? I bet R. Patz stole a couple and went home and blazed with his girl K. Stew!)

Images via Lauren Kaye & EdwardandBella