Robert O’Ryan, Shawn Johnson’s Gun Wielding Fan Arrested

March 25th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Wow. A man who tried to break into the set of Dancing with the Stars in order to get to celebrity dancer Shawn Johnson has been arrested. Robert O’Ryan, 34, tried to sneak into the set early Tuesday. He had a pair of loaded guns with him at the time. A pair of loaded guns and duct tape were found in his vehicle.

A restraining order has been issued to protect Olympic athlete Johnson, her parents and her professional dancing partner, Mark Ballas.

O’Ryan reportedly traveled from Florida because he believed Johnson was “speaking to him personally through the television and via ESP, and he will be with her not matter what.”

Ah ESP. Works well. That’s how Brad Pitt and I communicate on a regular basis.

Gallery Info: Shawn Johnson walking to the Dancing With the Stars set.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ButchWacker

    Let’s hope her parents act like parents and not HollywoodWhores, and pull her off that show and get the heck outta Dodge while crazy man is still in jail.

    Restraining orders don’t stop loonies with missions.

  2. gojira

    ok ewww
    i’m sure shes not fat but that does tend to happen to gymnast when they stop training & start eating

    BUT that outfit is not the least bit flattering on her.

  3. Pandora

    She is incredibly short. I feel sorry for her because every pound she gains is a lot more on her short frame.
    She is only 4 foot 10. One inch shorter and she would need a car seat.

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