Robert Downey Jr. Might Be A Playboy

Life is fantastic for Mr. Robert Downey Jr. His movie Iron Man is soaring sky-high at the box office (sorry, I know that was extremely punny, even for me) and now there’s talk that he might be starring in a movie being made about Hugh Hefner’s life.

The movie’s working title is Playboy and shooting could start as soon as next summer, depending on the shooting schedule for the Iron Man sequel already in the works.

It’s a shame that Hugh’s not dead because shit, that would be a great way for Robert to snag himself an Oscar. Hmm, well Hugh is getting up there. Robert might want to invest in a voodoo doll.

Photos: FlynetOnline

More photos of Robert Downey Jr. with his wife Susan doing a little shopping in Malibu are after the jump.

Photos: FlynetOnline