Robert De Niro Talks…A Little Bit

The typically reticent Robert De Niro sat down to give an interview about his latest directorial opus. CNN reports:

In the movie, Damon’s Edward Wilson neglects his wife (Angelina Jolie) and son as he resolutely pursues his espionage career, resulting in a woman whose spirit is broken and a boy overly eager to please his dad.

“I like it when you get the personal side. The personal toll I thought was, to me, interesting, and what I liked about the script when I first read it,” De Niro says.

(Asked later, though, why he dislikes talking about his own personal life, he laughs and simply says: “Because it’s personal.”)

Holy crap, a celebrity who limits his publicity efforts to talking about his craft? How novel. I’ll probably almost never write about him.

Usually quiet Robert De Niro gets talkative [CNN]

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