Robert Patttinson & Kristen Stewart Take Flight [PHOTOS]

And they’re off! After spending a fun filled evening at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson headed their separate ways.

Robert caught a flight back to Toronto yesterday to resume filming Cosmopolis, while Kristen Stewart hopped on a flight to London where she will be attending the Glamour Awards.

The coupled partied late into the evening Sunday night after Eclipse took home a bevy of awards.

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Now for a little Robsten B.S. news alert. The Mirror is reporting that this went down after Rob “snubbed” Kristen after winning the Best Kiss Award.

The on/off couple briefly returned to off as the actress tore a strip off the vampire heart-throb, screeching across the VIP area backstage: “You made me look like a total jerk out there!” As the British actor, 25, tried to defend himself, she raised a “talk to the hand” palm and brushed past him.

And when R-Patz again tried to defend himself, she muttered, “Don’t even bother”, before flouncing off into the main auditorium.

Such bulls**t. The British love to make up their stories, don’t they.