Robert Pattinson’s ‘I’m OK’ Press Tour Is Working, Rings The NYSE Bell [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

I just want to draw hearts all over Robert Pattinson’s face, for he has braved that media sh*tstorm to come out and promote Cosmopolis.  Showing that he’s a good sport, Pattinson appeared on the Daily Show, where Jon Stewart had a soupy pint of Ben & Jerry’s ready for him.

“Tell me everything,” Stewart joked as they dug into their ice cream.

“I’m trying to avoid eating,” Pattinson said.  “I’m going to split my Spanx.”

What will Pattinson’s Good Morning America interview be like? 

Then it was off to the world premiere of Cosmopolis at the MOMA in New York City with director David Cronenberg, Sarah Gadon, Stanley Tucci, Paul Giamatti and Al Roker (way past your bedtime, sir).

This morning (August 14th), Pattinson got up early to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange with Cronenberg.  The best revenge is looking good, as they say.

Tomorrow, it’s that live GMA interview we’ve all been waiting for.  What awkward questions will Pattinson have to field?