Robert Pattinson’s Choice: One Direction Vs Westlife [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Rob Rings The Bell
Robert Pattinson rings the bell at the NYSE.
I may just love Robert Pattinson a little more this AM.  He gave what might have possibly been the cutest interview of his career to MSN UK, answering questions from fans via (I assume) Twitter.  One inquiring mind wanted to know which boyfriend Pattinson preferred more: One Direction or Westlife.

Given that Pattinson isn’t a teenager, he chose Westlife, a boy band that’s been around since 1998.

“Westlife, definitely.” Pattinson, who landed at LAX yesterday (November 26, 2012) with Kristen Stewart, answered, “Westlife are one of my favorite bands. I actually don’t know any songs that One Direction have done. I’ve just seen pictures of them.” 

That’s like asking an American (male or female) of Pattinson’s age if they like Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake.  Me, I’d choose Timberlake.

Hollywood Life had a cow over this answer, claiming that Pattinson “dissed” Liam, Nial, Harry and whatever the other ones are named.  Chill out, get your heads out of One Direction’s butts, and listen to Westlife’s bitchin’ cover of “The Rose.”