Robert Pattinson Wears A New Jacket For ‘Good Morning America’, Is Not Playing Han Solo Either

Rob Pattinson Likes To Party
Robert threw a huge Hollywood party with lots of ladies
That is a new jacket on Robert Pattinson, right?

I mean, I’ve never seen it on him before, I’ve mostly just seen that black one. But I really like this one. Hopefully he’ll add it to his new jacket rotation. OK, now that we have sufficiently discussed Rob’s jacket, let’s talk about why he was wearing it.

The actor was looking dashing today as he and co-star Guy Pearce promoted The Rover on Good Morning America. Again, there’s that smile. I love that he’s excited about this movie. 

You know a movie that he’s not excited about? The Han Solo stand-alone/spinoff. Because he’s not going to be it. At least that’s what the news media is telling me. Remember when they were saying he was going to be the new Indiana Jones? What’s up with taking over all these Harrison Ford roles? Is he going to be in the Blade Runnersequel, too? Oh my god! Can he? Please?! That would be amazing!

OK, while I ponder the glory of that, you launch the gallery to check out all the photos of hot Rob and his new coat. Loving it? Of course you are.