Robert Pattinson Wants To Know If You’ve Ever Been Spit On In An Erotic Way, Also, Stop Calling Him Sparkly

Robert Suits Up
Robert Pattinson looks handsome for 'Maps to the Stars'
Are you ready for your Robert Pattinson cuteness for the end of the week?

Good! Because I’ve got plenty of stuff for you. Not the least of which was Rob looking really, really good last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live and at the LA premiere of The Rover.

But aside from that, there are two awesome Rob-related things you need to watch/read. First, there was his hilarious interview on Jimmy Kimmel last night where he discussed erotic spitting. 

It’s so weird, but so magical, and you have to watch it below. Rob starts talking his heavy saliva before asking Jimmy, “Have you ever had someone spit on you, like . . . in a kind of erotic way?” I pretty much died. The rest of his interview is very funny too.

Now the thing you need to read is his interview with The Daily Beast. Like The Hollywood Reporter one, it will just reaffirm your love for him. My favorite part?

“I get so many sparkly criticisms! But I don’t actually remember a moment of in any of the movies where I sparkle. [Laughs] Maybe one second in the first one. It’s like, really? All these fanboys are like, ‘You’re sparkling!’ And I’m like, ‘Really? You must have freeze framed that one second.’ [Laughs] It’s just the idea of sparkling—people lost their minds over it.”

For the record, the sparkling is more than just a second. You can even watch it here. Oh Rob, how I love thee. And if you want me to stop mentioning that you sparkled, I will. But if I do that then can I still call you RPatz? K tnx bai.

So here’s what you guys gotta do. Watch the Rob video below, launch the gallery and stare at some very fantastic photos, then head to The Daily Beast and read his whole interview. Rob, I love you.