Robert Pattinson Talks Film History, Downsizing And Life After ‘Twilight’ In ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Robert Herds Cattle
Robert Pattinson hangs out with cows on the set of 'Life'
Listen everyone, I need you to stop what you’re doing and read Robert Pattinson’s latest interview in The Hollywood Reporter. It is stunning.

Rob often comes off as quiet and down-to-earth in his interviews, and the one in the June issue is no exception. Plus I learned so much about him. Like did you know he’s a major film buff? “I was so into [film history] when I was a teenager; I thought it would impress people. But then you get older, and no one gives a shit.”

Well clearly you’re not talking to the right people, cause I for sure give a shit. 

The actor recently downsized his living situation as well, moving into a rented house in the LA canyons. As for furniture, Rob relies on three mattresses a some left over chairs. “I would move my mattresses into different rooms according to the occasion.”

And if you’ve ever wondered why he tends to wear the same outfit all the time, it’s cause he can’t find his clothes. “I’ve basically stolen every item of clothing that anyone’s ever given me for a premiere, but in my closet there’s literally about three things.”

I assume one of those three things is his black jacket. But this life definitely suits the actor, who talks about looking for stability after the Twilight movies. His movie choices have also been interesting, with his latest The Rover and Map to the Starsbeing perfect examples. All in all, Rob looks like he’s doing quite well.

Check out the full interview with Rob at The Hollywood Reporter, and know that you must read it all. But first, launch the gallery for some RPatz hotness. Because one always needs some of that.