Robert Pattinson Takes A Pie In The Face [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson looks to be having a good time on the Toronto set on his new movie, Cosmopolis.

The actor was spotted getting hit in the face by a cream pie and shared a laugh over the incident with the director’s daughter, Caitlin Cronenberg.

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Rob didn’t seem too bothered about getting creamed and proceeded to lick the cream off his face. The incident came while the actor was shooting scenes for his new movie Cosmopolis. Earlier in the day, the red pants and his amazing smile were back during rehearsals for the film.

Directed by David Cronenberg, the film is adapted from the Don DeLillo novel and follows the story of Eric Packer, “a 28 year old multi-billionaire asset manager who makes an odyssey across midtown Manhattan in order to get a haircut.”