Robert Pattinson Spends A Night Out On The Town With Tom Sturridge & Sienna Miller

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen celebrity best friends Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge out together.

So long, in fact, I was beginning to think they’d had a falling out. Thankfully that is not the case. Rob was spotted with his BFF in London last night as they spent a night on the town. Rob and Tom were joined by Tom’s lovely fiancee, Sienna Miller, who is still owning that pink hair.

So, is anybody else curious as to how Robert is with their daughter Marlowe

Is Robert even good with kids? He seems like someone that kids would either run away from, or run to. Like, there’s no in between. Still, I feel like he and Marlowe get along. I mean, have you seen how much of her father that girl has in her?

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the trio in London. Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing more of Tom and Rob together. I like when they’re together. It’s just so sexy when they’re together.