Robert Pattinson Looks SUPERHOT On The Set of ‘Cosmopolis’ [VIDEO]

May 30th, 2011 // 5 Comments

Attention Rpatz-bots!  Robert Pattinson is currently filming Cosmopolis in Toronto alongside Sarah Gadon, Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti.  So grab your passports and head due north to catch a vurrrry dapper-looking Pattinson on the set.  Eagle eyes from Toronto Life have spotted the Twilight hunkaroo clean-shaven and dressed up in a suit.  *SWOON.*

PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson Films Cosmopolis In Toronto

Aaaand Kristen Stewart has joined her main squeeze on the set, as the two were spotted walking their dog, Bear around town

Yeah…we’re totally digging him in a suit.

Check out a video of Pattinson on the Toronto set of Cosmopolis after the jump.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Kay

    Was Kristen spotted recently or are you forgetting she left for London this past week?

  2. Amanda

    I heard she left London so she could be in Toronto now with Rob. Who knows? She’s a sleathy one, that Kristen! LOL

    • Our source article was murky on the Rob and Kristen sighting, so we did a little further digging, and it looks like Kristen is not in Toronto.

    • Nicole

      well sorry if I dont’ believe that cause after the mess up with your source who gave false info, who knows plus nobody knows for sure were she is and she could be in Toronto. People in Toronto have tweeted that Kristen was in Toronto.

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