Robert Pattinson Leaves LA, Is Only The World’s Second Hottest Person

Robert Pattinson For Dior
He's the new face of Dior Homme & it's perfect.
Friends in Los Angeles, today everything is a little bit sadder because Robert Pattinson left us last night.

Yes, the extremely attractive actor was spotted at LAX yesterday catching a flight out of the city. It’s OK though, we assume he’ll be back soon.

Robert kept it casual for his airport visit in jeans, a plain white tee and a leather jacket. Also, why is he wearing sunglasses at night and indoors? Come on Robert. Take it off. So, did you guys know that Robert is only the world’s second hottest person? 

I’m not making this up. According to a worldwide survey by Glamour, Robert came in second place, just behind Superman himself, Henry Cavill. I guess the readers must have seen Henry’s abs and picked the winner that way. What makes this even funnier for me is that back in the day, Stephenie Meyer said that Henry Cavill was her original choice for Edward Cullen.

So basically, Edward beat Edward. Personally, I’m not into picking who is the hottest. Why can’t we just enjoy all the hotness? (Unless we’re talking about Orlando Bloom, because he beats everyone.) Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Rob leaving LA. Do you agree with Glamour’s ranking? Sound off in the comments!