Robert Pattinson Keeps It Casual, Remains Sexy

Robert Pattinson For Dior
He's the new face of Dior Homme & it's perfect.
Ah, Robert Pattinson. Welcome back to Los Angeles. We missed you.

The studly actor was spotted arriving back in LA last night (July 23) after a trip to Canada. I hope the trip had something to do with those Dior Homme ads, because we need more. More I tell you!

Also Robert, I thought we talked about the fact that you should make silly faces like this more often. I mean, I can appreciate that you just got off a long flight, but next time I won’t be so lenient. 

So, do you think Robert cares at all about the new royal baby, Prince George? I mean, the child is third in line to be his future monarch. Unless Rob decides to stay in America forever, which is totally fine by us.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Robert being cute at LAX. Enjoying all these paparazzi shots we keep getting of Robert? Yeah you are!