Robert Pattinson Joins Kristen Stewart At Cannes ‘On The Road’ Premiere [PHOTOS]

While Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson did not pose together on the red carpet, Rob and his handsome self was present and smiling like the proud boyfriend that he is.

The actor – who scubs up very, very well – was first to hit the red carpet at the On The Road premiere, prompting screams from the excited Twilight fans. While Kristen shows off some major leg in a sexy printed Dior gown with a slit up to “there.”

Of the film and her risqué scenes, Stewart said:

“I love pushing, I love scaring myself and I think to watch genuine experience on screen is so much more interesting. I wanted to do it. The reason I wanted to do the job was because you read something and you’re provoked on some level, and then it’s just taking that further and being able to live it; and I always want to get as close to the experience as I possibly can.” 

She continued:

“In this case I did not have a thought in my mind. We really were just going forth. As long as you’re always really honest there’s never really anything to be ashamed of.”

On a totally different note, how the hell did Phoebe Price get a ticket to the premiere?