Robert Pattinson Is So Over Working For Dior, Gets A Helping Hand At LAX

August 5th, 2014

I swear this guy is the original hipster.

When he is not dishing on the Kristen Stewart drama or hanging out with new BFF Zac Efron,  Pattinson is bitching about making tons of money from his job at Dior, the ad campaign which has actually made him look extremely handsome rather than an awkward average crooked toothed weirdo.

Things are only cool for 28-year-old Robert Pattinson if he is the only one who knows about them. Once people start praising him too much, he is so over it. For instance, Twilight was cool when it was an indie film but then it hit the big time and this bastard was sucked into making millions and having to be a forever skin sparkling vampire. God, how depressing!

Seen here  on Aug. 4th, an airline staff member comes to the aid of  heartthrob Robert Pattinson as he heads through the terminal at LAX. The airline greeter shielded Robert from the pack of awaiting photographers. ‘R Patz’ thought it was quite amusing and was seen laughing with the greeter as he got out of camera range. Naturally, Rob was wearing an all black ensemble of v-neck tee, jacket, black jeans, and dark sunglasses.

According to Bustle, Rob feels that his choice of wardrobe reflects how awful of a campaign spokesperson he is and he thinks the entire experience is ridiculous. Cool story, bro. Can I have your job and/or the money from Dior instead of you?

“I’ve started wearing the same thing pretty much every day like a uniform,” Rob said, “I haven’t taken this jacket off for weeks. [Working for Dior] is the most ridiculous job in the world. I have to do barely anything and I just occasionally have to go to some Dior parties, which is great.”

Okay, so the magic of cameras, technology, makeup, and styling have managed to make this idiot look breathtakingly stunning and he remains hilariously apathetic. At least the fame isn’t getting to his head. Check out the latest Dior campaign video below!

By Chelsi Archibald

  1. Well given how he sh** on the franchise that made him famous and bi***d about that, should we expect anything less regarding Dior? The guy is the most self-entitled young actor in Hollywood.

    • Bean

      Okayyyy, Krisbian! your agenda is not obvious at all

    • Guest

      WHO writes such garbage ? nobody who knows that Rob does not put down anyone or anything —- think about it, He never even made 1 negative comment about his cheating ex. He NEVER PUT DOWN DIOR, he has said how much fun it was, how they let he and the director go to the edges when making his commercial… Rob is known to be humble, grateful, and self-depracating. FIRE WHOMEVER WROTE THIS TRASHY, BS STORY !

    • Sue

      Rob is not self-entited at all —-just ask all his actor and director colleagues! You either don’t follow him so you wouldn’t know his true, very humble personality or you are a krisbian on here to trash Rob.

  2. Back it up

    I think you guys are the idiots. He was saying it’s ridiculous that he has to do so little and he gets so much from it. He was being self-depricating, making fun of himself.

    What a warped mind you have, to try and twist it like that. He’s one of the most humble and grateful actors in the world. And by the way, he’s wearing a Dior Polo shirt and Dior shades in those airport pics. He loves Dior, he would never trash them.

    • Juju

      You are so right. !!!!!!!!!!! They don’t even know the modern day use of Rediculous. !!!!!!

  3. Robin

    Someone can’t take a joke, eh?

    He’s wearing Dior in the pictures you’ve posted, by the way…

  4. Eileen

    You are very unproffessional

  5. tara

    Um, he was obviously saying it was “ridiculous” because it’s so easy. He says it’s “great” in that exact same quote. He’s saying he’s lucky.

    I can only assume you freak out everytime any other actor has the self-awareness to admit that acting is super easy too. I guess we prefer celebs with their heads up their ass who think what they do is actual work.

  6. coco

    Hey Chelsi, lol..who pissed on your cornflakes today??? Did Rob reject u or something?? What shoddy article. Loser!

  7. FIRE this stupid journalist who wrote the article. What about fair, balance, neutral journalism? He’s never dished anyone and has always been incredibly polite towards the Dior campaign. Get your facts straight!!

  8. Christina

    I really hope that this so called journalist will loose any future job in future. Shame on you. You are the only idiot here.

  9. Laura

    uh! your point? make lots of comments? there, this is mine: prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  10. GTG

    Shoddy journalism, you should be fired from your job. Shameful.

  11. Rhonda

    He is a such idiot! i can’t stand him

  12. Alexandra

    You are a piece of trash!!! Do you even researched to write this article? And you call yourself a journalist?

  13. LDF

    This dude is so boring zzzz I don’t understand why people see in him

  14. George

    I can see him in rehab

  15. Guest

    Another pathetic idiot in Hollywood

  16. ROSE

    Best article I read a long time. Finally someone writes the truth about this drunk!

  17. Stefan

    BFF with Zac Efron, that’s explain a lot of things. Next to rehab: Robert Pattinson

  18. shannon

    Someone’s bitter. Did he turn you down? hahahaha

    Loving that all the Krisbians are here with nothing better to do LOL

  19. Correction please

    You guys need to correct this article or just label it an “Editorial” because the BS misinterpretation calling Rob entitled is total crap. He’s the least entitled actor in Hollywood.

    You either need to get a sense of humor or get a new job, because you suck at “reporting.” Go back to school.

    • Jan

      Chelsi Archiblad wrote this article. She must have a hard on for Rob calling him an average crooked toothed weirdo when Rob has one the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood. Rob is a great guy, humble and grateful for all he has been given. She must be a Rob hater to have written such an ugly, hateful article. The Dior ad has over 20 million hits and not even a year old yet. That’s how much people liked Rob in it. I absolutely cannot understand how a person can be so narrow minded to write untrue things about a person they have never met. What a horrible person ou are Chelsi.

  20. HungoverIC

    Funny read. And actually kinda sensible. OMG, the complaints! Read he was worth $110 million the other day and he’s just trashing all the good will from fans and sponsors and film cohorts left and right. Dude is looking rough these days.
    P.S. Is that a receding hairline? Looks like a comb-over on his forehead.

  21. lulu

    what a nasty article. congrats on all the new Kristen stewart followers now.

  22. geo

    Thank you, not often you can find somebody who will write truth about this self obsessed, disrespectful whiny pr*ck.

  23. JJ

    Funny if this was about a female celebrity, people would have jumped in to post their nasty comments. Even funnier, all of Rob’s fans screaming that the negative comments are coming from Kristen’s fans. The guy did trash the one thing that made him rich and famous. It was unprofessional to say the least.

    • lu

      odds are these are Kristen stewart fans. there are so many on twitter like kkkkbug and sammie that are spreading around this article on their tl.

    • JJ

      Who are those people? Why are you following them? Why do you care what they say? People take celebrity obsessions too far…

  24. Andrew

    So it’s not just me. I noticed that too. Lately, he’s all about talking about that other twilight chick who’s he’s supposedly over. His movies are awful and have been for a long time. He claims to only work with big directors but he’s bringing them down with them. He takes from them but don’t give em anything and in the end his flops are their flops too. Cronenberg and lately Michod. The dior ad…please let’s be serious a second. I barely found him credible w Cronenberg or Michod so that ad even though there’s no lines, he still can’t pull it off. He’s not ‘handsome’, he’s not manly and he can’t act.