Robert Pattinson Is Happy To Pose For Fan Selfies In LA After The Australian Premiere Of ‘The Rover’

Robert Suits Up
Robert Pattinson looks handsome for 'Maps to the Stars'
Aww, would you look at that. Even after a crazy weekend of The Rover down under, Robert Pattinson is still happy to oblige a fan don’t you just love him?

The actor was spotted arriving at LAX today after a crazy weekend in Australia. First there was The Rover photocall, which he looked super snazzy for, then the more important premiere. You know, he actually seems really excited to be promoting this movie.

Like, he always smiles on the red carpet, sure, but there’s so much more joy to this. 

Clearly we all have to go see this movie and applaud his performance because I’ve heard it’s amazing. So, when is Rob going to do some stage work? Sorry, my brain is still in Tony’s mode, so all I can think about is theater. But how great would Rob be on stage! Come on! Pull a Daniel Radcliffe! Do a play!

Maybe a classic? Maybe something funky and modern? I’d be OK with it anything. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Rob from the weekend and today. I’ll just be sitting here trying not to be super jealous of the fan who got the selfie. I want a Robert Pattinson selfie…